okay so i think the subject of street children is never really found so i thought i'd do another one:)

Fighting Hope

If a name was known

Would we still walk by

Do you even see them

As they hide in alleys

Are they any different

From the children

That we cherish

And deliver our love to

Some people speak of them

But do we even know them

Never given a chance

They fight to have rights

From the beginning

Forgotten and ignored

Striving for a future

No life do they own

Not like our own

With education and care

They stand in the shadows

Learning only from experience

Are they not too young?

Or can that be ignored

As they ask for a coin or two

To make it through the day

They feel to

But what?

We cannot know

No wings to gently guide them

Or words to set them right

What can they do?

As they lay at night on the streets.