Christmas Letter

The blank paper stares back at her; mocking her. It screams at her in silence as she wonders what she could possibly write that he would want to read. She picks up her pencil and begins with "Dear Dad,"

Tears come to her eyes as she thinks about where he is. She looks away from the paper and turns to the beautiful Christmas tree that she, her mom, and her brothers put up. She wipes the nearly shed tears away and turns back to the paper. "Hi, how are you? Mom and the boys are doing great, as am I. We put up the Christmas tree; it wasn't the same without you, but it's still really pretty."

Her attention turned towards the program for one of her brothers' plays. "Chris did a really good job playing as a shepherd in his school's Christmas play." She looks up as she hears her mother walk in; just home from work. Her mother asks if the boys were asleep and she replies that she sent to bed a couple of hours ago. Her mother thanks her and walks upstairs to get ready for bed. "Mom started her new job. She really likes it, but she hates that she can't spend as much time with us as she used to."

Her eyes wander to the picture of her father in his full marine uniform. She focuses on the American flag behind him. "Thank you for all that you've done for us and our country; for giving us freedom," she writes before her eyes fall on the Bible that sits beside her.

"The church we started attending is very nice and the people there are really crazy. Jacob likes learning new things in Sunday school and children's church. I like the new friends that I've made in the youth group. Mom is really appreciating the support that the other members give to us. They all can't wait to meet you."

Tears slip out again and land on the old oak desk that she writes the letter on. "Everyone really misses you. I wish you could be here for Christmas." She laughs a little as she remembers something Chris wrote on his wish list. "Chris asked Santa Clause to make sure that you were home for Christmas next year. He can't wait for his birthday; you coming home will be his greatest gift."

She took a deep breath before continuing. "I pray that you are doing well. Wishing you a merry Christmas. With love, Layla."

She folds the paper and places it in the envelope, adding a festive card and a photo of the family. Little did she know that the man she sent the letter to would read it every day until the day he came home. She had no idea that he would be home for Christmas next year and all the years after that; just as his little boy prays for every night. He would be home.

A/N: I know that this short and not really my best, but I wanted to post a story about Christmas... Merry Christmas everyone and I hope that you enjoy celebrating Jesus's Birthday!