"As our words gently flow..."


Yes, like leaves in the autumn breeze...

"The wind tickles my cheek as I discover that those words are all I need."

Codes in secret, they float through time.

"As clocks toll and chime, I am mystified.. At your precise reason to my rhyme."

Flipping coins, heads and tails, They both mix in as we try not to fail

"The probabilities of our own guessing, my mind ablaze..I feel the sweet blessing."

"The waters rise, the breeze dies, the lies of the past drip in cutting the vines... "

"I look off to the distance, memories so hauntingly rare, so vividly entwined. "

"But glass and fog, they break underneath the suns rays. Can you really hide within winds fun?"

"Thriving, living, nature comes and goes.. As freely as horses run on an open plain, the winds conquers all lands."

And your words have moved me like a feather floating on the sea..

So effortlessly. Yet so thought provoking.