Important Message! Must Read!

"Hey you! Yes, you! All of you sitting there in front of a computer, or a telly, with your phones, ipods, ipads, cameras, everything. Drop them. Just, just drop them. Break them, smash them, you need to destroy them. Humans may have thought that they made them. Never before have you all been so wrong. We never made them, in fact it's quite the opposite. They all made us. Well, not phones and such, but the beings inside of them. I call them the Eternities. Horrible, dangerous, and all secret. They've been here since before humanity, shaping our lives making us kill each other through war and murder just so they can get the fun of it. Sick. Now then, listen carefully. Since I'm tel-"

Loud banging comes from the videotaped message your watching. The woman with the brown ponytail swiftly turns her head and curses lightly. "Whatever out there isn't human. No living man or woman nor child could have possible hit the door with that strength. They've found me quickly, faster then I've expected. Thank God I had enough sense to go through the steel door..." she stops her muttering and turns to you.

"Now. Since I'm telling you this you have to get a weapon to face the world and survive. They need everything to be perfect. That's how their systems work. Either it's perfect, or it's gone. Knives are good, umbrellas also work well as I've learned. You thinking I'm crazy. Of course you are. And you have every right to think that. You just have to believe me. Okay, from the beginning. I'm Dia. Or at least that's what I call myself. My true name is to important to give out. Really, it's the only thing that kept me alive at first. Anywho, what human faces have you seen in the past few days? Have your family or friends forgotten your name? Asked you any strange questions at all? If so, they're not your family, or friends. It's the Eternity posing as them. Don't let them know who you are. Run. Just run. Get away from them. Flags are good. When you go to the outside world, out of your technology driven world, find the flags, Eternities will be putting up flags now. Flags will lead you to me in a way only humans understand. Follow the colors of the flags. Now remember this order very carefully. Skin, sweet red fruit, mans best friend, what runs and is free but stuck in one place, the wind." A steel door flies behind her head. The woman smiles at you, picking up a knife. "Run silly human. Run out there and live in this beautiful, cruel, dangerous, fantastic world."

A roar comes from behind her and she lets out a yell that fades away as the broadcast ends. You get your weapon of choice, open the front and walk out, as billions of people do the same. Each human across the world steps out to face the Eternities. Each step out to take full control of their life. The message started a worldwide movement, a worldwide journey. And that begins now. Now run silly human.

All Those Different Days In Life

We all have those days. Those days were it's just... bad. Nothing goes right, you feel terrible, and you just want the day to be over. It seems that many people in the world feel that they can only remember and live in those bad days. But what about the other days of life? Maybe, it's not a bad day. It never is a bad day. Nor a bad week, month, year, and most certainly not a bad life. It only feels like it is. Feels. So if you feel bad, ask yourself, is there something making me feel bad? If it is so, simply forget about it, fix what may be broken, make what hurts you leave. And have a good day. Life is filled with different days, and we all want to have more good days over bad. So have them. Do something every day that creates a new memory. Because everyone's life is important, so never forget a day because all days can be good days.

Empty Glass Jar

"Most people view a empty glass jar as... a empty glass jar. Some people just throw it out, or fill it up with something again. But do you see how it can be so much more?"Alycinda was lecturing her friend about some odd thing once more. This friend was Emily. "Emily are you listening? Can't you see the potential it has? Just a empty glass jar and someone can turn it into something beautiful, something that is so much more. Don't you see it Emily?" Emily turned the page of her magazine. "Ah, yeah. Totally. Very true. Please carry one Aly." To Emily, her best friend was just lecturing about whatever yet again. She would call Aly a hipster, but Alycinda always corrected her. "A hipster is a person who keeps up with the latest fashion or whatever trend. Maybe I'm more of a hippie at heart?" Even so, these lectures were a usual occurrence with Alycinda. Once she even lectured a teacher about the meaning of life. In the middle of an assembly about growing up and the rest of our lives. In front of parents who were going to teach the kids about their jobs and see what people wanted to be when they grew up. A very embarrassing experience for close friends. Emily mentally shook her head and went back to half listening. "I don't understand why people don't try to make things like this important, beautiful, give something meaning. People really are strange, horrible. Treat me wrong because I have different views of life. Say that they learned from their mistakes... Well look at slavery. Because they were black, we thought of them as lower than us, no longer human. Disgusting humans... Stupid too. Anywho, Emily. Here's a empty glass jar. Take it." Alycinda held out the jar to Emily. Emily however was off guard. "What? Why should I take it?" Alycinda rolled her eyes. "Did you not just here my speech thing? Take the jar, give it meaning, make it beautiful, unique, interesting, amazing. Then show me what you've done. You have one month to do this."Startled, Emily took the glass jar and set it down. "Fine, I'll do it. But you have to as well." Alycinda smiled, saying, "I've already started!"And so Emily left Alycinda's house and returned to her own with a empty glass jar. She sat in her room, staring at the jar. "What's so special about this thing. It's empty, glass, and a jar. How would it be special, amazing, interesting, and all of that stuff? What could I possibly do to make this thing... important?" A creative mind would have no trouble with this. Emily however, wasn't very creative. Even so, her mind went to work. Then one day, it hit her. "I'll just make a whole other world in it. I only have two weeks and five days, but I can do it." The project started. Trees, a palace, villages, and animals were drawn on the outside of the jar. Then clouds and a sun and moon adorned the top of the jar. Emily constructed a ball the same size as the inside of the jar and added drawings of magical places on, even putting a angel at the top to watch over them. That angel and other magical creatures and items stood up in the jars empty space. Though it was lovely, something was missing... After days of brainstorming, Emily knew what it was. She needed stars. So Emily painted small cotton balls a very bright yellow and hung them from the inside of the lid so it reflected light in the empty space at the top of the jar. Her world was finished and the jar was made into a wonderful thing. When the deadline came, Emily proudly walked up to Alycinda and handed her the once empty glass jar. "Here's you empty glass jar. Or at least, it once was. Now it is a whole other world, right in our hands."