Light Doesn't Always Blind

At some point in everyones life, there is only darkness and they are lost with no light. That was where Kirya was, and that's where she has been for two years. Kirya, lost and alone, drifting away from her friends, stood strong and alone with no one in the summer sunset. "What's the point of life? I've been here forever in darkness, and the light never helped." The golden sun in the paint splattered sky of color blinded Kirya for a moment before she turned her head. "The sun doesn't help either! All it does is blind people. That's what light does. Blind," she thought angrily. A little more bitterness filled the girl. Sunlight reflected off of the different hues of green of leaves in the tall trees, lining the walkway in the forest. Wind moved them, causing them to seem like emeralds just beyond her grasp. A flock of birds flew over Kirya's head, making a path in the sky. Shadows dappled the world around her, everything peaceful and lovely. And as the sun quietly went down, the rays of light seemed to create a path of their own. So Kirya followed. Now, the light didn't blind her, shining in her eyes. Kirya walked alone for a few minutes before reaching a place special to her, somewhere she hasn't been or appreciated for a long time. Home. A smile formed on her face. As Kirya stepped into her home and to her family, she turned and looked behind her at the fading light, A quick thought flashed in her head. "Perhaps light doesn't always blind."

Not Human But Still Alive

A family of three, one child and two parents, were walking about, following a road next to a forest when they heard the cries. Not a human's cry, but a puppies. They came from a small wooden box that had a blanket and contained two young Bernese Mountains dogs. One was black with white markings on it's paws and throat, looking perfectly healthy; the other also had a black coat but with brown on it's paws and a white throat. But the second one had it's back legs joined together. "Mommy! Mommy! Look! Can I have them? Please?" begged the little boy. His mother smiled.

"Of course you can Alex. Come on, let's get them and walk home." They picked up the box and began to follow the road back in the opposite direction from where they came from. The little boy, Alex, bounced the box up and down uncomfortably.

When the pups reached the house, the first thing the family did was name them. The healthy dog was named Razor, while the second dog was named Crash. For a few years as they grew up. Razor and Crash seemed to live in the perfect family. They played a lot with Alex, though sometimes a bit roughly. Even though sometimes they weren't fed and got hurt, the two pups were happy with their family. But when they got bigger, something changed in their perfect family. They hardly got fed, and were tossed around, hit and kicked, often yelled at.

On the good days, they got to play with Alex. But when Razor could run, Crash couldn't, due to his leg. The family began to despise this about him, as if it was his fault. Within two years of the torment, Crash was thrown out of the house with Razor following. And that was how they stayed for two years, hungry and wary around humans, never forgetting to cruelty of their first family. Even though they fought to survive because of the family, both Bernese Mountain dogs loved them. Crash knew it was his fault that they no longer had a warm home or happy family. He had gotten his brother thrown out as well. Both dogs wondered what they did wrong, what made the family treat them as they did. Razor and Crash no longer trusted humans as they once did, freezing up whenever someone came close to them. Then they simply continued their trek.

As the two dogs walked along each other on a road, a group of people came across them. The dogs stopped and watched the people who walked up towards them. A woman with black hair tied up in a ponytail crouched in front of the dogs, observing them carefully.

"Guys! I think these are abandoned dogs! They're both starving and one of them has a bad leg!" she called to the group. The others ran up and they all began talking rapidly and at once. A decision seemed to have been made as two men picked up each dog and the group kept walking.

Though Razor and Crash wanted to escape, there was nothing they could do as they were carried into a town and taken to a vet. A vet looked at them before they both fell asleep at the tip of the needle.

(A/N: "Not Human But Still Alive" is a short story in parts, and will be having a part two soon, so they didn't die if that's whet you were thinking. :D)