Supply and Demand

Christmas Special

Fusedtwilight: Thanks to my beta lisa for the beta. This is a spin-off of my other story Supply and Demand so if you haven't read that you should check it out. I had this idea for a Christmas chapter and decided to write a little one shot as a thank you to all the readers who loved Supply and Demand. It was nice writing about Alex and Carlos again hope you all enjoy it.

Alex's P.O.V.

"Daddy! Pa Pa wake up!"

I groaned as did Carlos. I could feel Justin jumping up and down on the bed. I heard Carlos let out a tired yawn and I looked at the clock. Six in the morning. God.

"Come on wake up! We have to open presents!" Justin said.

Was this what I put dad through when I was a kid? Waking him up at an ungodly hour just for presents?

"Okay bud, we're up," Carlos said groggily.

We both got up and stretched. Justin was impatiently waiting for us to get our butts in gear. We walked down the stairs, heading for the living room. Justin made a quick detour to the kitchen and we heard him let out a little squeal of delight.

"Daddy! Pa Pa! Santa ate the cookies we made for him! And he even drank the milk!"

I looked over to Carlos and saw him lick his lips. Peanut butter cookies were his favorite.

"Is he ready?" I whispered to him.

"Yeah, just have to put him in the box and we will be all set," Carlos whispered back.

We went into the living room and saw Justin eying all the presents under the tree with a look of pure joy.

We let him open the gifts from Santa first. Justin was happy to find all the toys he had wanted waiting to be unwrapped. Carlos and I smiled at one another, enjoying seeing Justin so happy.

After we made sure he was sound asleep last night Carlos and I grabbed the presents from the basement and put them under the tree. Making sure the special gift was well fed.

After he opened up his gifts from Santa we gave him the gifts we got him. The clever little boy separated the gifts he knew to be clothes from the ones that were boxes. He had already figured out that the soft presents were shirts, shorts and undies, so by law not very interesting.

Carlos and I exchanged gifts. New stylish clothes, cologne; he got me some new silverware and dishes and a new collection of plastic containers for the kitchen. I got him some new gym gear for his job.

I was so happy with the silverware and the new plates. They would look wonderful with the new coverI got for the dinner table...God I am such a house bitch now.

I took a few pictures of us opening presents and showing off our gifts. Ever since we got Justin, I made sure every holiday and birthday was captured on film. I can't believe this is our sixth Christmas with Justin.

"Did you like your presents, buddy?" Carlos asked.

"Yes, this was the best Christmas ever!" Justin cried, throwing his hands up in the air.

Carlos and I shared a smile. It was about to get better. We decided it was time to add a new member to our family; just a little something to complete our perfect life.

"Carlos, can you go downstairs and get a garbage bag for the wrapping?" I asked.

He got up and went to go downstairs. I began to gather up all the wrapping while Justin was busy playing with his new toys. I waited for Carlos to come back with the last present.

We had planned this months in advance, wanting it to be perfect.

I heard Carlos come up the steps and I got the video recorder ready.

"Look what I found, looks like Santa Clause misplaced a present," Carlos smiled, holding a big red and blue box.

"Yay! More presents!" Justin exclaimed, bouncing up and down.

Carlos sat it on the ground and Justin eyes it hungrily, his little mind coming up with all kinds of ideas at what was inside.

"Go on Justin, open it up," I prompted.

Justin quickly went to the present and took the top off and peered inside. His jaw fell open and his eyes shined with wonder and amazement.

"It's a puppy!" he yelled with excitement.

He pulled the little white Lab out from the box and it licked his face and he giggled happily.

"Wow, you must have been a good boy this year," I praised him.

"He's the best gift ever!" Justin squealed.

He sat the puppy on the floor. He began to sniff the floor and before we could stop him, he took a dump right there in front of us.

"Looks like Santa forgot to let him go to the bathroom," I said throwing Carlos a scowl.

Carlos's P.O.V.

It was now eight in the morning, I wanted to go back to bed but we had a busy day ahead of us.

A bunch of our friends and family would be coming over for Christmas dinner. Then Miguel and I were going to stop by the Rossini Home for Women and Children, (aka, the whorehouse for the Devil Dogs), to drop off toys for the children.

As far as the public was concerned, it was a home built by Vincent for a group of women who had no other home for themselves or their children. It was a good PR stint for Vincent to pull for the public; to make him seem like he was a better man than his father.

But in truth, the home was for the women who had come with Salvador during the Annual Meeting over six years ago. He gave them to the Devil Dogs as a reward for helping him take down Rossini.

Vincent decided Salvador's twisted idea of breeding strong warriors was a good idea. The Devil Dogs were more than happy to donate their services for the program.

Miguel had to set down some rules. Any kids the Devil Dogs had with the women belonged to the Devil Dogs, not Vincent. And they would be offered the choice of becoming permanent members when they turned sixteen.

A lot of kids had been born in the last six years. Some of the Devil Dogs took a few of the women as their wives, finding their timid and submissive personalities perfect for a mate, others just helped raise the kids they had with them, enjoying fatherhood. Others just used the women for sex, not caring about any kids they conceived as a result.

So the Devil Dogs were throwing a little Christmas party for the women and the kids tonight. Miguel and I helped get some toys for the kids.

The gym was closed for the next week.

Business was booming and had been for a while. People loved to come to our gym and train or workout. We had a large field in the back where people would play football or baseball or any other outdoor sports game.

We even did personal training. I had a lot of female clients.

Let me tell you, that was a double-edged sword. On the one hand I helped women stay in shape and made money and even made some new friends. On the other I was reminded how much I missed pussy.

Don't get me wrong, I love Alex and we still have good sex. But when I am pressed close to those women, helping them bend and twist in provocative ways, reminds me of how good being with a woman could be.

There were times when I had to fight my body's reaction and tried not to get a boner.

It didn't help that plenty of those women were very...obvious in their attraction to me. I had this one client named Mercy. She was my best paying client and had a smoking hot body and on more than one occasion told me she would like me to help her work out her muscles in bed.

I told her I was married to a man and had a kid but she continued to try and get in my pants; even offered to pay me extra for it as well.

I didn't know what to do, on the one hand I couldn't break my wedding vows and on the other I couldn't risk losing such a high-paying client.

So, I had to turn to Miguel for help. It wasn't one of my proudest moments.

I had asked him to take care of her for me; I already knew he would cheat on Daisy. His job as the leader of the Devil Dogs put a lot of stress on him. He was too far in now; Vincent would never let him leave and plus he was too committed to the gang.

Daisy and Miguel had had plenty of fights already. She didn't know exactly what he was into, but she had her suspicions.

So Miguel would go to a party and drink and find a woman to vent his frustrations on. Miguel liked it rough in bed, rougher than Daisy liked him to be, so he would look elsewhere to get what he wanted.

I didn't approve, but if it helped keep him from losing it, who was I to interfere? Though I did feel bad for Daisy.

So I did feel more than a little guilty when I handed Mercy to him. I rescheduled him to train her at her house. Next time I saw him he told me the problem was taken care of and he has continued to be her personal trainer ever since.

But I wasn't going to let anything bother me today. Today was going to be a good day for everyone.

Alex came in with Justin and the new puppy; who Justin named Maxy. He just loved the little pup so much he had ignored all the other toys we got him.

I was glad I could give my family a good Christmas. When I was growing up we never got many gifts and they were never anything too expensive.

But thanks to all the money I made from my man-whoring days, and the money we got from Vincent added with the money I make from the gym, meant that I can buy Ma Ma, Erik, Alex, Justin and even Miguel and his family nice things.

I try not to be materialistic about this but when you spend years with nothing and suddenly find yourself able to afford everything, you tend to enjoy it more then you should.

I got breakfast ready and began to set it in the table. Alex helped Justin give Maxy his puppy food in his little puppy dish. Justin was delighted to watch him eat.

The three of us sat at the table and bowed our heads to say grace. Alex didn't used to be religious but after getting shot in the head and spending months recovering from that, he became a bit more spiritual.

We taught Justin how to be Catholic because none of the churches would let him join their Sunday school what with him having two dads and all. I know I broke more than my fair share of commandments but religion had been an important part of my life and I wanted it to be so for Justin too.

As we ate Alex and I talked about tonight; going over what had to be done before everyone showed up.

"Daddy, Pa Pa, can I ask you a question?" Justin asked as he ate his eggs.

"Sure buddy, what is it?" I asked.

"Why don't I have a mommy?"

Alex and I froze.

Alex had his mouth open, his fork halfway to his mouth. Even Maxy stopped eating to look at the three of us, as if sensing the awkward situation.

I looked at Alex and he looked at me. Finally he put his fork down and shut his mouth.

"What makes you ask this Justin?" he asked.

"Well, you know how Brandon has a mom? And Eva has a mom? And all the other kids at school have a mom? I asked my teacher where babies come from and she said the stork comes and gives a mommy and daddy a baby. Then I told her I don't have a mommy but two daddies and she changed the subject."

Damn he is smart. Too smart. I can't believe he is five and he is asking this question now! I figured I would have a few more years before he started asking the tough questions!

We didn't know who Justin's mom was. Years ago, Alex had to go live with his mom when he was going through a severe depression when his boyfriend Justin was killed.

Being an idiot, I got myself hooked on a sex drug called Heat and night after night I would go to a club or a bar and find myself a woman or sometimes another man to enjoy while Alex was away.

I always used protection but even a condom isn't foolproof. Kind of made me wonder if I had any other by-blows out there.

So of course Justin was a big surprise. He was left on our doorstep in a wicker basket with a note from his mom telling us she had been married when she hooked up with me and she gave us all the medical information and records we would need for Justin.

We still have not figured out who she is and I have always dreaded the day when he would start asking the question about who gave birth to him.

But I didn't know what to say. Should we stick with the stork story? Or should we come up with something else? But what if we give him an answer and he starts asking more questions?

Luckily Alex, who is always the smart and calm one, saved the day.

"Well Justin, when a man and a woman truly love each other very much a stork will come and bring them a baby. The same thing happens with two men or two women. If they really, really love each other very much a stork will come and bring them a baby too," Alex said with a smile.

"You mean love with kissing with tongue like in the movies?"Justin asked.

Alex and I laughed.

"Yes, just like in the movies," Alex smiled.


Justin went back to eating and Alex and I let out a sigh of relief.

After breakfast Justin took Maxy into the living room to watch Christmas cartoons. Alex helped clear the table of plates.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

"Yeah. Just can't believe he is old enough to start asking questions like that, you know?"

"I know. He's a smart kid," Alex said with a bit of pride.

"But it makes me wonder how long before he realizes that there is no stork and babies come from a woman's belly? Then he will want to know who's belly he came out of," I said.

"Then we will tell him it was a woman who gave him to you because we couldn't have one," Alex answered.

"But then he will want to meet her, he might even feel angry or resentful that she gave him up and he may want to know why she never contacted him!" I said, my voice filled with frustration.

Alex put a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Carlos, we always knew this day would come. But for now we still have plenty of time to enjoy before any of that happens," Alex said soothingly.

I sighed. "I know. I just hate myself for being so stupid. I hate myself for having to one day tell my son he was conceived with some married woman, but I don't know which one; she could have been any number of women I slept with."

I had struggled with this for years; ever since we first got Justin. I knew the day would come where I would have to tell my son he was the result of my indecency with some nameless woman.

Sometimes I really hated my dick for getting me into trouble.

"It will be difficult. But all we have to do is shower him with love so when the time does come for him to know, he will know no matter what, that we love him and always will," Alex said.

I smiled at him and kissed him on the nose.

"What would I do without you?" I asked.

He chuckled, "Live a horrible and lonely life."

Alex's P.O.V.

"Merry Christmas little cracker!" Uncle Rufus said giving me a big hug.

"Merry Christmas Uncle Rufus," I said hugging him back.

He was wearing a Santa Claus outfit, even with the hat.

"Why do you wear this every year?" I asked.

"What? You used to love it when I wore it when you was little," he said.

"Uncle Rufus!" Justin said running to the front door with Maxy. "Look Santa got me a puppy!"

"Wow, that's a wonderful gift. You make sure you take good care of him now," Uncle Rufus said.

"I will. Brandon and Eva are so jealous!"

Just then Brandon and Eva appeared.

"Don't hog him Justin!" Brandon said with a frown.

Justin ran off, Brandon and Eva hot on his heels, both wanting to play with Maxy.

"Make sure you share, Justin," I called.

"You make a good mom, you know that?" he commented with a smile.

"Oh shut up, you old grizzly bear," I smiled.

Lots of people showed up then; Maria, Erik, Miguel, Daisy, Delilah, Peter, Caroline, Chris, Kitch, Dustin and their girlfriends. We had already gotten the food out and everyone had a plate and started to eat.

Uncle Rufus went over to Maria and handed her a small present which turned out to be a new pair of earrings. She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a present which turned out to be a new pair of cufflinks for his suit.

Carlos and I were going to be making a big announcement to everyone. We had talked about this for several months now and decided we needed more than a dog for our family.

But for the first hour we just had a good time, exchanging gifts, watching the kids play with Maxy, catching up with our friends and family.

Turns out Erik recently got himself a girlfriend; a nice young lady whom he knew from school. Miguel and Carlos teased their little brother about having a girlfriend and were giving him advice on how to be a ladies' man.

Until Maria smacked them upside the heads and told them not to poison Erik's mind with their dirty womanizing ways.

Thank God she doesn't know the half of it.

Finally after a while, Carlos and I decided to tell everyone our big news. We both stood up and got everyone's attention.

"Okay guys, we would like to thank you all for coming," Carlos started.

"Thank you for feeding us," Dustin said rubbing his belly.

"Carlos and I are glad you all came. Because we have some big news to tell you," I stated.

"After much discussion, Alex and I...have decided to have another kid," Carlos smiled.

The room went quiet for a moment. Then it broke out into noise as everyone started asking questions and saying things.

"That's great!"


"Are you sure?"

"Wait, how is that going to happen?"

"Are you going to adopt?"

"Are you going to use a surrogate?"

"I am going to be a brother?"

Justin sure was having a good Christmas. First he gets a puppy and now he finds out he is going to be a big brother.

"That's right, bud," Carlos said.

"Cool! Can I watch the stork bring him home?" he asked.

"That's...Erik, why don't you and Lilah take the kids out to play with Maxy," Carlos suggested.

Delilah, (who prefers to be called Lilah), and Erik took the kids outside to play with the puppy while the rest of us talked.

"So, how are you going to do it? Will you adopt?" Maria asked looking thrilled at the prospect of more grandchildren.

"We decided to find a surrogate. And we decided the next child we have will be mine," I explained.

"So you're going to be a father? That's great!" Caroline exclaimed.

"Well, I will be as soon as we find the right person," I said.

"Wait, you will use artificial insemination, right? I mean, you are gay," Daisy questioned.

"Yeah, unlike Carlos, my door only swings one way," I said and everyone chuckled.

"Way to go cracker, you tell your mother yet?" Uncle Rufus asked.

"Not yet. We will later though. Carlos and I considered adopting but we wanted to both have kids that were of our blood," I explained.

"Oh, you will do so great. You did such a wonderful job with Justin. I know you will do just as good with the next one. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" Caroline asked.

"Either or, though it would be nice to have a girl to balance things," I stated.

"Either way, she or he will be loved and spoiled," Carlos said.

We carried o with the party, everyone was so happy for us. When the kids came back in, Justin was looking around, as if expecting the stork to have dropped by for a special delivery.

We told him it takes a while for a baby to be made so he would have to wait. He started to pout and we told him the baby would be here before next Christmas, which cheered him up.

Soon all our friends left to go to different Christmas parties with their other friends and families, leaving us with our kin. Carlos and I took Miguel aside to ask for his assistance.

"We need your help finding a surrogate," Carlos said.

"Let me guess, you want to use one of the girls?" he asked.

"Well, we want someone we can trust and the girls always take good care of themselves when they are expecting. Plus, we don't want to have to pay someone to carry the baby for us," I said.

"Anything in particular you are looking for?"

"God, I feel weird doing this," I frowned.

"Don't be. It's not like any of the others aren't doing it," Miguel said.

"That's what bugs me," I muttered.

"Hey, I have told the women time and time again, if they don't want to fuck or be fucked then they don't have to. But Salvador bred and raised them to be baby machines. You can't expect them to just switch over after generations of training," Miguel said.

"Yeah, and I suppose the Devil Dogs try their best to break them of that habit," I smirked.

Just because we were family now didn't mean Miguel and I got along any better than we did years ago. He didn't like me and I didn't like him much either, but we both loved Carlos, and for his sake we did our best to get along.

It wasn't much but it was better than nothing.

"Hey, you're the ones who came to me asking for help, so don't bitch," he sniped.

"Okay guys, come on. Alex I know this is freaky, believe me. But we do need someone we can trust to carry our child and who won't form any strong attachments," Carlos reminded me.

"You're right," I agreed with a sigh.

"We would prefer someone who has no history of any defects or genetic diseases," Carlos said to his brother.

"Shit, that's all of them. Salvador may have been a crazy evil fuck, but his methods produced good results. We had all the women tested for everything when we got them from Vincent. They are all clean, genetically speaking. Salvador had anyone in his herd with some defect sterilized so they couldn't have kids. Anyone with a severe defect was put down as soon as they were born, so all the women have super clean bills of health," Miguel announced.

"Okay, well we don't care about looks," I said.

"Not that it matters seeing how they are all super hot," Carlos smiled.

"I know a few girls who are not pregnant right now. I think I have one in mind. We'll see her when we go drop off the toys tonight," Miguel said.

"Thank you for this Miguel. I know you don't approve of us but thanks for helping us make our family bigger," I acknowledged.

"Hey, as long as my brother's bloodline survives I am happy. You thinking about having any more after this?" he asked.

"Maybe," I replied.

"Then I know the right woman for you. Her name is Carmen and unlike the others, she is a bit more...picky about her men. I'll introduce you to her later."

"Alright, thanks."

Miguel went to go get some more food. Carlos looked at me and smiled, "So far, so good."

"Yeah, still can't believe I am going to be a dad."

"You already are."

"I know, but you own kid," I said quietly.

"I am happy you will have a baby of your own. I like to know that in the future you will have people who can claim you as their ancestor. I like knowing a piece of you will live through the ages when we are both gone. That that brilliant mind will live on." He bent down and kissed me on the lips.

"I also have a present for you. But I am afraid we have to wait until everyone is gone. It is a bit...private."

I smiled, noticing how husky his voice got.


"Ma Ma said she would watch Justin for us for a while," he grinned.

I smiled. "Tell me, am I on the naughty or nice list?"

"Oh naughty, very, very naughty," he said with a smile.

Carlos's P.O.V.

Miguel and I drove to the home.

It was a large three story house that was almost a mansion. Vincent had not wasted a single cent in its construction. The women and children were all well cared for.

There were already a few cars pulled over by the sidewalk. Some of the Devil Dogs had come to spend Christmas with their kids or get some action in with the girls.

Miguel and I grabbed the bags of toys and walked into the building. We could hear Christmas music playing down the hall in the living room and the sound of people talking.

Miguel and I walked down there. We were greeted by our friends and the kids quickly swarmed us, eager for gifts. I knew them all well. They called me Uncle Carlos. Almost all of them had spent a few nights at our house with Justin. He had made a lot of friends from this group.

We handed out presents which were quickly unwrapped. The kids then went off to play with their new toys or went to go show their parents what they got.

Their mothers listened to them as they bragged about their new toys. But they all shared the same disciplined neutral look. Not indifferent or apathetic. Just blank. Though I think I saw one crack the smallest smile in the corner of her mouth.

Believe me, it was progress.

It was how they were raised. Salvador and his family would train young children to be emotionless drones. The women he used as sex slaves and breeding cattle and the men were trained to be remorseless killing machines to be used as mercenaries.

I had seen them fight and they were really deadly bastards.

The women were trained to be totally submissive and obedient, so when Salvador was killed they did not protest when Vincent claimed them and handed them over to be used by the Devil Dogs.

If they weren't being used for sex then they were looking after the kids, or the Devil Dogs would use them as maids to clean their houses.

It wasn't much better than their old life but it gave them something to do, and at least now they could raise their children. I remember hearing about how Salvador would take their children from them as soon as they were born so they couldn't form any attachment to the baby.

"You staying for the party, Carlos?" one of the Devil Dogs asked.

I had never been a member, but I knew these guys very well from being Miguel's little brother and growing up with them in the same neighborhood

"Nah, I got to go back home," I replied.

"Hey Miguel, Jacobo wanted to speak to you. He's upstairs with his woman," one of the guys said.

Jacobo was one of the few remaining vets from the early generation of Devil Dogs. He helped train the new recruits and had helped us take down Rossini that night at the Annual Meeting by pretending to be one of the sex workers provided for the entertainment.

Like the rest of us, he had taken the Heat pill but it seemed to have affected him differently than the rest of us. His sex drive was reawakened. Sadly, his wife was unable to satisfy his needs so he was forced to take one of the girls as his mistress. His wife didn't know of course, Jacobo loved her but he had needs and so he kept her in the dark, knowing if she ever found out it would be the end of their decades-long marriage.

I spotted his son with the others, playing with the toys he got. He didn't know about his older brothers or their families and they didn't know about him. I didn't know if Jacobo planned on ever telling his family about his other son but that was his business.

He did care about his little boy, and he squeezed in as much time with him as he could.

"Follow me Carlos, I will take you to Carmen," Miguel said.

We left the room and headed upstairs. As we were walking by the numerous doors that led to the different rooms one of them opened and out stepped Juan.

He wore nothing but a pair of jeans and was putting his shirt back on, a light sheen of sweat coated his face and he was flushed. I knew he had just had some fun with one of the girls.

Remember when I aid some of the Devil Dogs didn't care if they had kids or not? Juan was one of them. I never liked him. Guys that treat fatherhood so lightly and without any respect piss me off. Probably due to my own father being an abusive and absent drunk.

"Hey Miguel, hey Carlos," he said. He jerked his thumb at the room he came out of. "She's still in there if you want to take a swing at her."

"No thanks," I said.

"Suit yourself," he said walking down the hall.

As we passed the room I looked inside and saw one of the girls. She was putting her clothes back on, not at all bothered by what Juan said.

"She's in here," Miguel said.

He led me to one of the other rooms. He knocked on the door and it opened.

The woman who stood there was five-foot ten, she had long, flowing black hair and smooth, olive colored skin. Her eyes were amber like honey and she had a round face with thin eyebrows and thin lips.

She had a very nice body, with soft looking breasts that I guessed were "C" cup.

"Miguel," she said in that same neutral like tone all the girls used.

"Carmen. This is my brother Carlos," he introduced.

"Yes, I have seen him before. But we have not been formally introduced," she replied.

"May we come in?"

She stepped aside and we walked in. Her room was perfectly neat and tidy. But like all the other rooms, it was rather blank. There were no pictures or ornaments to give it personality or show what kind of person who lived in it was like.

"Carlos, this is Carmen. She is, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the women," Miguel stated.

I shook her hand. She had soft hands.

"I wasn't under the impression the woman had a leadership," I said.

"Not in the strictest sense. I was in charge of the girls, making sure they behaved and I kept an eye on them. I now help keep them organized and make sure the Devil Dogs do not harm them. They may provide for us but they are a group of thugs and predators."

"Smart woman," I smiled.

"Carmen is the only one in the whole bunch who has not had a kid," Miguel remarked.

"With the Devil Dogs. I had two sons before I came here with Salvador. But they are with Cortez now, I am sure," she said.

"Why haven't you had a kid? I thought that is what you were trained to do...I mean...sorry I don't mean to sound disrespectful," I said.

She waved her hand. "No offense taken. You are right. Salvador raised the women to be submissive little sex slaves and to help breed new children for him to brainwash. But some women can't be broken of their independence. No matter how much they are beaten or raped. Salvador would use the more dominant women like myself, to keep watch over the other more timid girls and to make sure they conducted themselves to his standards. The reason I have not had a child with one of the Devil Dogs is because I do not believe they are worthy, despite being mighty warriors."

"So none of them are to your standards?" I asked.

"No, but I do lay with a few of the ones I fancy. I always make sure protection is used," she told me.

"And how do you feel being free of Salvador?" I asked.

It was a question that had been asked to many of the girls. How do you feel being free? The answer was always the same; a shrug of the shoulders. Can't say I blame them, I mean they are now owned by the Devil Dogs.

But to my immense surprise Carmen smiled...a real honest to God smile.

"I am glad he is dead. In fact, I like to pleasure myself to the image of him dying."

…...Okay, more graphic then I expected. Then again, I can't blame her.

"With Salvador, the only future you had to look forward to was life as a sex slave or a member of his we became too old to be used for sex or breeding we were put to hard labor until it killed us. I have seen a whole pit filled with those who did not survive his training or who died from the work he gave them, and none of them got a proper burial, just cremation," she explained. "This life may not seem ideal to you and others. But compared to the fate that awaited us with Salvador, it is much better. Here we have a chance to better ourselves and make a future for our children. Here they can choose to be what they want to be."

"Well, I will leave you two alone to talk," Miguel said walking out the door.

"Is there something I can help you with?" she asked.

"Yes...see, my husband and I want another child," I said.

"Alex. The one who got shot, he helped bring Rossini down?" she asked.

"Yes. We have a son, Justin, he is five. Alex and I want to have another kid but we don't want toadopt; we want to find someone to carry Alex's child."

"A surrogate? Salvador would sometimes use one of us to act as one for his rich friends, for a very expensive fee, of course," she said.

"Yes, well we need someone we can trust to keep herself and the baby safe and healthy; someone who won't want to be paid an insane amount of money to do this for us."

"And you thought of using one of us?" she asked.

" do meet our requirements," I noted.

"You sound like this makes you uncomfortable," she said.

"Well, it does. I mean...what with your history and all," I muttered.

"Hmm. Okay, I'll do it," she said.

"Wow...I mean, really?" I asked surprised.

"Yes. I owe you and your husband a great debt of gratitude. As do all my other sisters. It may not have been your intent, but you freed us from Salvador. I will be your surrogate."

"That's great. Alex will want to meet you first, you know, see for himself if you are right to be his baby ma ma."

"Baby ma ma?" she asked with a raised brow.

"Well that's the term right?" I asked.

"Americans. You have such an odd vocabulary. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get ready. I will be helping to take the children to church tonight," she explained.

"Yes, thank you again," I said.

I left her room and went looking for Miguel. I spotted him exiting a room and he didn't look too pleased.

"Hey, good news; she agreed!" I exclaimed.

He smiled, but it was forced. I knew he was happy but he obviously had something on his mind.

"That's great Carlos, really. Listen, I need to stay; some stuff has come up that requires my attention."

I didn't ask what it was because I knew it had to have something to do with the Devil Dogs.

"Dude, it's Christmas. What about Daisy and the others?" I asked.

"It can't be helped Carlos," he said with a sigh.

I knew better then to go on about it, so I just gave him a hug and wished him a merry Christmas. I stopped by to say goodbye to the guys and the kids and told them to be good when they were at church. They can be real hellions. Pun intended.

I got in my truck and drove home. I was eager to tell Alex the good news and to give him his gift.

Miguel's P.O.V.

While Carlos was making arrangements with Carmen, I had gone to see Jacobo.

I went to his woman's room and could hear the low sounds of moaning. I knocked on the door and heard someone curse. A few moments later Jacobo opened the door.

"Ah, good, you're here," he turned to look back into the room. "I will be right back," he called out to someone.

He closed the door and turned to face me.

"Vincent called. He said some punks in the south have refused to fall in line and are cutting in on his turf. They need to be dealt with," he explained.

"Shit, you would think after six years everyone would know not to fuck with Vincent," I complained.

"These kids are new and stupid. Vincent wants them taken down. We know where their headquarters are. Won't be hard to take them out. They are very sloppy and have no real training," he said.

"Fuck. Why can't these idiots get their shit together? I am sick and tired of some fucking kids getting all high and mighty and then pissing off Vincent who makes us kill them!"

"We knew what the price for killing Rossini would be. We knew we would have to make an alliance with Vincent to do it," Jacobo said.

"I know. I am just tired of people being stupid," I said with a sigh.

"I know and I take no pleasure in killing a bunch of wet nosed runts. But orders are orders. Vincent said he wanted it done before the New Year," Jacobo griped.

"Shit. Alright, might as well get it done soon. We'll take care of it tomorrow," I groused.

I left Jacobo and was going to head downstairs when I ran into Carlos. Apparently Carmen said yes so he was happy and I would have been happier if I wasn't in such a bad mood.

I decided to stay over here. The Devil Dogs were going to have a very special Christmas party while the kids were off at church. I was in the mood to get fucking trashed.

I always did before Vincent sent me on one of these hit and run jobs. It didn't happen often but sometimes some idiots thought they could try and take a slice of the city for themselves. But Vincent runs this city now. All the gangs owe allegiance to him now.

I hated to do this to Daisy. But when I get like this I am not pleasant to be around and I didn't want us to fight on Christmas. God knows we have fought enough lately.

I sat on the couch and smoked a cigarette with had a beer in my right hand.

Carmen, and some of the fathers of the kids acting as escorts, left to take the little devils to church. Leaving the rest of us to have fun with the women.

Once the kids left we ended the Christmas music and started playing rap. The punch was spiked with vodka and joints were passed around.

We helped sell and distribute drugs for Vincent. But I forbade any of my guys from dipping their noses or their arteries in any of that shit though I did let them smoke some reefer.

Last thing I need is a bunch of coked up idiots with guns running around shooting themselves and each other.

I wasn't too thrilled about having to help Vincent with the drug trade. In the old days we kept the dealers out of our neighborhood; keeping it clean from that shit.

Then again, there were a lot of things about the Devil Dogs I wasn't too thrilled about now. We had to change a lot, and not in a good way. But it was the only way we could avenge ourselves for what Rossini did to us.

But sometimes I wondered if it was really worth it in the end. Sure, Rossini was dead and now we were one of the top gangs in the city. But what had we become?

Shit like that got to me, made me wonder just how much further we would stray from the path we had set out on.

Carlos once told me I should see a therapist. It would help me with my issues at home, but seriously, who the fuck could I see about all this? If I can't confide in my own wife then who can I?

The kids would be gone for a few hours. Giving us enough time to do what we came here to do. The Devil Dogs were looking to have a good time tonight and the girls were always there to help.

Already things were getting heated up. Some of the men were dancing with the women. I spotted Juan with his hand in one of the women's shorts, fingering her.

Some of the men were sitting down and talking, a woman by their side or in their lap. A few were making out.

I didn't do much except sit there and watch everyone. No one bothered me; they knew I was in one of my moods. So I just sat there and drank and smoked.

I sent Daisy a text letting her know something came up and I wouldn't be home tonight. I knew she would be pissed; we might even fight about it. I wouldn't blame her for it, but this was my life now. Nothing can be done about it.

Domingo had a girl on a seat. She was naked and her legs were open and he ate her out. He had just turned eighteen when he joined our gang. His dad had been a member and Domingo had wanted to follow in his footsteps. He had been with us that night at the Annual Meeting and proved his worth. He had moved up in the ranks as well.

I remembered when he was just a little punk following us around wanting to play with the big boys. Now here he is. His dad would be proud.

Teo, Ruben and Yago were sitting down, sharing a blunt as some of the women went down on them.

I decided to join them. I looked around and saw one of the women all by herself. I cocked my finger at her and she walked over to me.

"Suck my dick," I demanded.

Without hesitation she got on her knees and her hands unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I leaned my head back and let her work on me.

Some of the more shy members took their women to their rooms, not wanting an audience.

Domingo had his woman's legs over his shoulder, thrusting into her, gently at first but then he began to pick up speed.

Juan and two other guys had kicked their pants off and stood in a circle while the woman Juan was fingering earlier blew them.

Teo, Ruben and Yago had their women in their laps now, bouncing them up and down on their cocks.

Some were getting dances from their girls or making out with them heavily.

I was about to fuck my girl when Dino walked in with a group of girls.

"Merry Christmas motherfuckers!" he shouted cheerfully.

The women looked stunned at what they were seeing. I didn't recognize them. The Devil Dogs didn't have many female members; we were a male dominated gang.

"I brought us some new recruits," he said.

Everyone grinned. In the gang, you could only join by doing a mission on your own that we assign you. Or if you are a woman, there is one other way.

I looked at the women; they were all young, in their early twenties. None of them were like the other women in our gang. Those mean bitches who could, and would, slit your throat the second you turned your back.

No, these were just a bunch of idiots who thought they could play with the big boys.

But the Devil Dogs were always looking for fresh meat.

"You want in?" I asked.

"We do," one of them nodded.

"What's your name, chica?" I asked.


"And why do you want to join us?" I asked.

"We want to hang with you guys," another answered.

"You hear that guys, they want to hang with us," I announced, and everyone chuckled.

"Well, if you all think you have what it takes. There are two ways you can join. We send you on a little job, all by yourself. If you complete it, you are in. Fail, and don't even bother coming back."

"What do we have to do?" Abby asked trying to look tough.

"Well, seeing how it is Christmas and all we will let you prove yourselves with the second option."

"Which is?" Abby asked.

I pointed at the woman who was still giving me head.

"You have to fuck us," I stated.

"Fuck you?" one of the girls asked nervously.

"Maybe. Dino, you got the dice?" I asked.

He reached into his pocket and tossed me a six-sided die cube.

"You each toss this. What it lands on is the number of us you have to fuck. Maybe you will just have to sleep with one of us, maybe six. It all depends on your luck."

Four of the girls left, not wanting to do the deed. But Abby and three others remained.

"So, you really want to join?" I asked.

"Yes we do," Abby said.

"Once you do this there is no going back. You can never leave," I warned.

None of them left.

I tossed the dice to Abby first. "You first then."

She let the die drop to the floor and it landed on one. The next girl got a three, the one after her got a two and the last one hit a six.

"Last chance," I said to them.

Abby walked over to Juan and grabbed his face and kissed him. Everyone cheered and the party continued.

I stood up and took off my clothes and reached into my pants and pulled out a condom. I put it on and sat down. My girl sat on my lap in a reverse cowgirl position. I groaned as her pussy enveloped my cock and I didn't waste any time with being slow and began to pound nice and hard into her.

I watched the show. Juan had Abby on her back, having already stripped her of her clothing. His dick worked in and out of her, she wrapped her legs around his waist making it easy for him to thrust into her.

The girl that rolled a three had Domingo and two others guys. She was on her hands and knees while Domingo fucked her from behind while she sucked off the other two.

The one who rolled a two was sandwiched between two guys, they slowly undressed her while kissing and caressing her body.

The girl who rolled a six was surrounded by a group of guys. Teo, Ruben, and Yago among them. She sat on Yago's dick and Ruben fucked her ass. Every once in a while they would switch it up and someone else would take her ass.

No one said anything about condoms. If these chicks got pregnant, so what?

I continued to fuck my girl and switched it so she was lying on the couch. I put my hand around her neck, applying just enough pressure but not so much where I was choking her.

I put her legs over my shoulders and rammed my cock into her pussy. She moaned, and I knew I was being a little too rough with her, but I didn't care. I liked it rough.

The party was in full swing now, everyone was fucking. The sounds of flesh pounding flesh and lust filled moans filled the air.

Yago shot his load into his girl and pushed her on her back. Teo took his place and began to fuck her before she could recover, while one of the Devil Dogs stuck his cock into her mouth.

The girl who rolled a two had both of her guy's dicks in her pussy. The one who rolled a three lay on her side as another guy fucked her from behind while Domingo and the other one waited their turn.

Juan had Abby in his lap and they ground their hips together. Juan began to shudder and Abby let out a soft cry as they found their orgasms simultaneously.

I felt my own release approach and slammed into my woman one last time, after I finished I pulled out of her. I took off my condom and tied it and tossed it into a nearby wastebasket.

I sat on the couch and waited for the guys to get finished with the new recruits. I forgot to tell the new girls, that no matter what you roll on the die you always have to fuck the leader.

I didn't know what we would do with them; they were not cut out for soldier work. Probably just keep them around for parties and a good fuck.

I heard my phone vibrate. I sighed and dug through my pants to get it. It was a text from Daisy saying she and the kids would be staying at her sisters for the next week. She said to not bother showing up at all.

I sighed. She was pissed. She would stay at Rose's for a while, cool off and come back home. I would call her up and talk to her in the morning.

I would let her vent on me; I would let her call me names because she had every right to. I wasn't the best husband. But I did protect her and provide for her.

I did care for her in my own way, maybe I even loved her. But it wasn't the love she deserved. I wouldn't be angry with her if she divorced me, but I would miss her. She deserves a happy life and there are times when I can't give that to her.

Sometimes, I envied Carlos and his simple life.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out another spare condom. I put it on and walked over to Abby. Juan had left her to go fuck around with another of the women. As she was getting up I pushed her back down on the floor and quickly covered her body with mine.

I leaned down and kissed her.I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her wet opening.

"I rolled a one, I only had to fuck one guy," she said. She didn't resist me; she returned my kisses and hugged me close.

"The boss always fucks the new recruits to welcome them into the Devil Dogs," I smirked.

I pushed into her and had my way with her. In the morning I had to call and placate my wife, and I had to come up with a plan to kill some people. But for now I was just a frustrated man trying to drown his worries and troubles in alcohol and sex.

I didn't think that was going to change anytime soon.

Alex's P.O.V.

I don't know how we managed to get the door open but we did.

Carlos and I were all over one another, lips kissing and hands groping.

Maria agreed to look after Justin for an hour or two, it was more than enough time.

"Meet me upstairs," I instructed him.

"You bet!"

He slapped me on the ass as I walked away and I gave him a mock glare. He went downstairs to get his costume on.

Once I got in our room I immediately took off all my clothes save, for my briefs. I jumped on the bed and waited for Carlos to show up.

We always tried to squeeze in as much time for sex as we could. Thank God for sleepovers.

Carlos walked into the room wearing a Santa hat. He wore a red leather vest, a matching thong, and nothing else.

"Merry Christmas Alex. Have you been a good boy this year?" he asked with a grin.

I smiled. "Oh no Santa, I have been a very naughty boy."

He frowned and wagged his finger at me. "Well, I guess you have to be punished."

He walked up to the bed and jumped on it. He pinned my arms above my head and kissed me. I kissed him back, rubbing my groin against his.

He got up on his knees and pulled his dick out. I bent my head down and took him in my mouth, enjoying the groan that escaped his lips.

He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the lube. He pulled my briefs down a little and after squeezing some gel on his fingers he gently inserted them into my hole, gently stretching me out. You would think after five years of sex I wouldn't need it. Not that I was complaining.

He got off the bed and took off the thong, leaving the vest and the hat on. He moved me so I was bent over the bed. He pulled my cheeks apart and slowly pushed himself into my ass.

His hand ran up and down my back, his other rubbed my cheek.

"Such a tight naughty ass!" he growled.

He gave me a small smack and I shuddered. "You like that don't you?" he asked giving me another slap.

"Yes!" I gasped.

"You like being a naughty little boy, don't you?" he asked giving my ass another hard slap.

"Yes, I love being naughty!" I moaned.

He pulled out and spun me around so I was on my back. He lifted up my hips and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed back into me and I gripped the sheets tight as he assaulted me from a new angle.

Sex was never boring or dull between us. Usually we have to wait so long to get rid of Justin before we do anything, or if we really can't wait we just go to a motel.

We were both still young and we had a strong sexual appetite.

We switched positions again so I was on top of him. His fingers dug into my ass as I bounced on his dick.

I was so close, and so was he.

I stroked my dick and the feeling of him hitting that one spot inside me sent me over the edge. I came on his stomach and he gave one final thrust into me.

I felt his cum splatter my insides and I fell forward, resting my head on his chest.

"That was great," I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

"It always is," he panted.

I kissed him on the lips and rolled to the side.

"You know, it is going to be more difficult for this once we have another kid," I said.

"I know. But it will make it all the more better when we do get some private time," he smiled.

"I still can't believe we are going to have another kid. Can you?"

"No, but I am excited. I love being a father. I actually miss sitting in the chair, watching the game and bottle feeding Justin."

I rubbed his chest. "You're just a big old softie."

He grabbed my hand and moved it to his groin which was growing hard again. "I am a lot of things. Soft isn't one of them."

Before I knew it he flipped me over on my stomach and in one swift motion was back inside me. The bed rocked as he thrust in and out of me.

"We still have an hour and thirty minutes left and I am going to make every moment count!" he groaned.

And he did. One of Carlos's talents was his stamina and recovery time; it's one of the advantages of being married to a retired gigolo.

I sat with Carlos.

Justin was between us sleeping.

Maxy was in his lap, snoozing as well.

It was New Years Eve and the ball was getting ready to drop.

Justin wanted to watch the ball drop but fell asleep.

We woke him up and he counted down with us.

"Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year!" we all shouted.

We watched as people celebrated and vast amounts of confetti flew through the air all over Times Square. After about five minutes we decided it was time for bed.

Carlos let Maxy out and I took Justin up to our room. He wanted to sleep with us tonight.

After I got him in his pajamas he hopped into bed with me. Carlos joined us a few moments later, Maxy with him. It did not take Justinor the dog long to fall asleep. He had a long day and was exhausted.

Carlos and I lay there for a while, watching him sleep. We didn't speak or say a word. But we did smile and hold hands.

Another year ended, but a new year was born, sure to be as perfect as the last. Soon we would have another addition to our family. I couldn't wait.

Carlos always said he wanted a big family, I was sure we would have more kids but for now I will focus on this one.

Carlos and I have been through so much and although we still have some trials to go through, they pale in comparison to the things we have already been through and I know we can succeed. We always do.

I said a silent thank you to God or whoever is up there. I have come so close to ruin so many times in my life. But now here I am with the man I love and the perfect little boy.

At the end of every year I am always thankful for the same thing and it will continue to be the same thing until the day I die.

Fusedtwilight: Well I hope you all enjoyed the one shot. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.