A/N: Think of a wintery scene while reading this.

The stream flows every so gently

Down the cracked face

What with all of the grief inside

It's not really out of place.

The bird sleeps through the winter

While breathing out warm air

The snowflakes quietly fall down

And get caught within the hair.

Every breath breathed out is mist

Burning and freezing inside the lungs

The burial ends with a kiss

A song still waiting to be sung

There it lays withing itself

Buried deeply in the snow

A lovely blanket, soft and white

So peaceful with the shuddering cold

A marr in the vast expanse

Determined to not be seen

But disappearing was too slow

Even though the cold was mean

Struggling to pull out the lump

Hoping it wouldn't die

Pulling the whole thing out

And all the time wondering, why?

Why hide its pretty face

Which should always be seen

Why try to kid yourself

And stay forever below the cream?

Has it been something said

Or something never done

Have you thought life was a game

And decided you couldn't have won?

Your lips were tinted blue

And you were very cold to the touch

Breathing not at all and such

Skin so pale and smooth

Covered in snow that did not melt

Remaining in an eternal sleep

With no heat that could be felt

A hollowness swept away

The warmth inside my heart

Clutched tightly to my chest

So together we may part

The streams freeze so quickly

Upon the petrified ice

Two beautiful sculptures, forever and ever

Such a hauntingly lovely sight.