I could see myself, my brown hair beginning to smother my face, pale white skin, floating away. The one thing that was clear was my bright red life jacket and the fact that I wasn't going to survive this.

Hi, my name is Phoebe, I'm going to tell you of my death. It was a stormy night and I was walking home from a friends house, I didn't realize I was being followed though. The only thing I remember was being hit over the head and blacking out.

I woke up on this uncomfortable lump, that was moving, I jumped up screaming.

"Shh!" someone whispered, "you'll wake them."

"Wake who" I asked in a panic.

"The people that brought you here," my moving lump responded. Once my eyes adjusted I got a better look, my moving lump was a frail, blonde hair, blue eyed girl, about thirteen, a few years younger then me. She wore tattered rags, I got the feeling she had been here for quite a while.

"Do you know where we are," I asked.

"I know we are somewhere near the ocean, if you listen you can hear the crash of the waves." She looked down, then back up at me, something was wrong.

"What's wrong?"

"They have you now, that means they don't need me. They'll be gettin' rid of me here soon," she spoke with a southern drawl.

"What do you mean?"

"They take us because they're lookin' for the right girl for their son, he's real nice, he doesn't like what his parents are doin', but-"

"But he goes along with it anyway," I interrupted.

"Yeah, anyway," she took a deep breath, "they keep us and ask us questions. If we don't answer one correctly they throw us away and look for a new girl. They don't throw you away until they get the new girl, I guess that's a good thing though, we get some time before we go away.

"What exactly do they do to the girls they don't like?"

"They drown us, well they throw us away in the ocean, if we know how to swim they drug us first, but if we don't they just toss us in."

"How do they know what to do with everyone?"

"They watch us before they capture us," after she said that I was glad I hadn't been near a pool recently.

"How do you know so much about what they do?"

"Mainly from the other girl before me, and the girls before her that told her all this information, but the son told me too." After hearing all of this that was enough for me, I knew I had to save this girl and survive.

The next few days flew by rather quickly, they questioned me and I guess I passed their tests, but what was to happen next? I could tell they were preparing to get rid of my new found friend, their last victim, McKinley. We had been planning how to save her. I had told my kidnappers that I couldn't swim when they questioned me on if I liked to swim or not, their plain faces were seemingly satisfied. So come time for McKinley's execution they gave me a bright red life jacket for my protection, because they wanted me to watch. That disgusted me, but I went along with it anyway. They put bags over our heads, I guess so we wouldn't know how to escape, and tied our hands together behind our backs. After we had walked for what seemed like forever, they stopped us, separated our hands and took the bags off of our heads so we could climb a very large rock. I looked to McKinley, she looked scared.

Once we got to the top they nudged McKinley closer to the ledge, she took a deep breath, I grabbed her hand and we jumped, together. I hit my head on the way down, but I never let go of her hand, I had to save her, even if that meant dying myself. We swam to shore and I let go of McKinley's hand, she ran up to the beach and turned back, but I wasn't by her side. I watched her wipe tears away from her eyes, I waved and she waved back, then she turned around and started running.

I was slowly being pulled out to my death. After a little while everything went black. I opened my eyes to see myself, my brown hair beginning to smother my face, pale white skin, floating away. The one thing that was clear was my bright red life jacket and the fact that I didn't survive.