The True Story of Pete from Across the Street

There once was a man named Pete who lived across the street. One day he tried to sniff his feet. They smelled just like meat. Pete liked the smell of meat. They remind him of his grandma's lucky seat. (Which Pete broke in fifth grade, because he was tipping. Pete's grandma still doesn't talk to him to this day because of that. But that's a different story.)

Pete thought it would be neat to decorate his wheat smelling feet with wheat, but the wheat was not neat. Pete was allergic to wheat and the smell of meat. He was even allergic to his own feet.

Pete was rushed to the hospital and forced to sit on a large hospital seat. They used a stethoscope to check Pete's heart beat and gave him medicine for his allergies to wheat, meat, and even his feet. After that Pete was driven home by his wife Debra. You thought Pete's wife's name would rhyme with Pete didn't you? Well it doesn't! So deal with it!

-phantom130 5 (December 2012)