As the darkness approaches,
I look upon them all.
I see them as they are:
Happy, loving, caring, joyful.
I see what they can be:
Hateful, spiteful, decietful, murderous.

They will turn to me and ask,
They will question why.
They will not understand.
They will curse my name,
They will ask me many things.

Why did I not warn them?
Why did I not protect them?
Why do I not help them now?
Why do I abadnom them now?
Where am I when I'm needed most?

I will wonder why they ask such things,
They only asked me for things,
They refuse to get to know me.
They did not see when I saved them,
They didn't believe when I intervened.
They debated whether I was worth their time,
They lost their faith when they needed it most.
They refused to believe in me,
They abandoned me.

Yet I still loved them,
I sent them prophets,
They called them crazy.
I sent them warnings,
They called it nature.
I showed them horrors,
They refused to prepare.
I showed them suffering,
They refused to watch.
I came to them to share,
They refused to listen.
I sent them allied,
They refused them.
I sent them friends,
They didn't let them in.
I sent them heroes,
They corrupted them.
I took care of their dead,
They sent me more.
I ran out of ideas,
I asked for theirs.
They wanted money and power.
I gave it to them,
It corrupted them more.

Now the time has come,
The darkness approaches,
The end is near.
They beg for me now,
Tell me I'm evil for what I've done.
They challenge my power,
Tell me I should help them if I can,
They tell me if I'm really here,
I'll save them.
I'm disguisted by them,
I've sent them help,
I've shown them my power,
I've tried to prepare them.
There are some things,
Not even I can stop,
Some things must come to pass,
They ignored my warnings,
Refused to let me save them,
Now they ask me.

It's too late.
They can't be saved.
But I'll help them anyway,
I'll send that what I love most,
I'll sacrafice more than they know,
To give them another chance,
This time I hope they listen,
Heed my warnings,
My love for them have cost me everything,
Please listen this time,
For I have nothing more to give.