Chapter 1


"Harmony.!" the brittish elder woman complained walking down the stairs as a young 17 year old girl trailed behind her rolling her eyes. "How many times have me and your father Told you, you Cannot open Akuma-no-hon! it'll let Azaziel Drake out!"

"I was looking for Bruce.!" harmony pleaded defencivley as she jumped over the railing and landed on the floor to the giant den. "you know what your father calls him Right?.!" matilda scorned as harmony rolled her eyes and sighed. "Red Devil.!"

The house was truley huge. it was built out of dark brick-stone on the outside and built on the inside with dark brown wood, that was covered in old timey red curtains and carpet rugs. it looked like a Completley gothic house, it was built in the 16 hundreads for and by The Balthazer family.

"How am i supposed to believe you were looking for your Cat in a Book.." the elderly woman crossed her arms as one eye brow raised staring at the young girl. "Maybe, matilda, you don't know what i do with nearly half of my day," harmony snapped back.

"Your father spends nearly 9 hours out of the week just putting Azaziel Drake back in his book, after you take 9 Minutes to make all the work Redundent! and i Hardley believe you were just looking for your Cat; Bruce." matilda snapped at her.

"Whatever, i have to go find bruce." the young girl said as she flipped her long brown hair with pink highlights in it to one shoulder. "and Maybe i'll go tell drake to go back into his normal form..?" harmony teased as she smirked.

s normal form was at least Terrifying. he had dark red skin and black eyes with silver teeth that were all jagged and long black hair that covered his eyes with markings etching his skin. harmonys father gave all the beings of Balthazer manor that looked like Creatures, a disguise. something to hide there being from the outer world if anyone had came over and seen them. the balthazers would call them 'The Help'

"Don't you Dare, young lady.!" matilda said pointing her finger at her. she had watched her grow up since she was 5 years old and got hired on as a maid and they butted heads like this ever since.

"Would anybody like to tell me why is sitting at my desk ..Again." a man said crossing his arms calmly ,standing acrost the giant den from them in a corner way.

"Mr Balthazer." matilda greeted, shockingly. as he made his way to them. "Hi ,daddy." harmony said sweetly turning to him. "Hello ,sweetheart." claude said walking to his daughter and kissing her forhead.

"Care to explain, Harmony?" matilda said placing her hands firmly on her hips.

"i was lookign fro bruce and i thought he might be...Near ..Drakes book.." harmony said confused at her own story she had just said.

"mhm, and you didn't let Any of your ..Friends, out in the process did you?" claude said raising his eye brows at her, with no amusment in his voice. "ofcourse not ,daddy." harmony said sweetly.



"Out of All of them?"

"Mmmhm.!" she stood on her tippy toes.

"Because you know how i don't like your friends out in the day time,"

"I know ,dad."

"Suitor. where is bruce." claude said placing his hands behind his back as silence went through the house. "Suitor!" claude demanded loudly with anger in his voice. as a being appeared with a scared look on his face,

"y-Yes ,mr balthazer." a man said as he appeared beside harmony. he had pale white skin and black rings around his eyes and was bald. he had permenant black lines running down his cheeks looking like tears. Suitor was a very Nervious and Scared creature, he was one of the first ones claude brought to the manor.

"No beings out at day ,you say?" claude said bringing all the calmness back to his voice as he looked at harmony as she scratched the back of her head looking at the roof avoiding her fathers eyes.

claude let out a soft chuckle and rolled his eyes playfully. "Suitor ,where is that trechid cat; Bruce." claude asked suitor with a small smile of ease on his face. "bruce is in harmonys bedroom on her bed.." suitor said nerviously stuttering a little.

"it's alright, suitor, im not mad. no more quesstons ,you're fine." claude told him. "Achaully," a rough sounding voice with a slight lazy sounding tone said as a man appeared behind suitor .

he had black hair that was pushed back over his head with slight peices hanging to his face and a goatee on his chin , red skin, and eyes that black coverered the middle as the white only flattered the black even more.

he was wearing black pants with black gloves and had a black button up suit jacket on with the sleeves rolled up. the buttons were made out of silver and had markings in the middle like symbols.

matilda screamed and ran to claude; As did suitor, the easiest being on the earth to scare. "Hm, Drake. and not even in full form, honestly i'm impressed with your self restrainth." claude said as he easily took the amusement out of his voice.

claude noticed harmony wasn't scared at all. she was still standing at the same place, with drake right beside her now.

"Funny how you give my book an entire room but the moment i ,Myself step out of the room matilda throughs a tantrum at this precious little thing." drake smirked while brushing some hair out of harmonys face.

harmony smiled at drake as claude grabbed her arm and pulled her back as drake grabbed her hand. harmony was held in-between Azaziel Drake from a glove and her father with a grasp of her arm.

"Daddy... Let go ,please?" harmony said a little nervious and suitor was panicing quietly to himself. "yes, claude. Let Go." drakes lazy voice said with a wild smirk on his face. "i gave you life again ,azaziel ,if you think i wont take it back from you your wrong." claude demanded with a firm grasp of his daughter.

"Giving me life again was almost your biggest mistake." drake said slyly letting go of harmony's hand. "I'm starting to relise this." claude murmured.

"Before i get Ducan, Leave." claude said to azaziel drake as drake chuckled in a husky tone. "i'de be more afraid of Mariposas in the garden then Ducan."

"can't say i disagree." a skeliton appeared beside suitor. "Dammit, Taven; Silence." claude said frustratedly.

"Taven.!" harmony smiled as the skeliton begain to gain a figure of a man with grey hair and black at the roots with markings of a skeliton covering his face and entire body, they looked like tattoo's. claude gave them all a disguise so they all looked human but it was easier for them to meet in the middle, so instead of azaziel being a full out red devil, his skin was just red.

and taven not being a complete skeliton, he was a slender figure with skeliton markings all down him. and some others met in the middle also.

"Mistress." taven greeted as he winked at her. "How many are there in this room.!" claude exclaimed. "Twenty four." taven said as claude gave him a death stare.

"I'm Kidding, don't through a hissy. only one more; Kaito: the rest are spread out through out the manor." taven said putting his hands into the pockets of his black jacket. most of the creatures wore complete black. unlike the most taven wore his looser then the rest, his wasn't buttoned it looked Almost casaul.

"And why are You in here?" claude asked annoyed. "Mariposas kicked me out of her garden. For some reason she dosen't want the grim reaper learking in her garden. she's kind of a snob ,claude." taven crossed his arms as drake cleared his throat obviously at taven. "calm down, tough guy." taven said sarcasticly as azaziel growled at him slightly.

"Welp, Good luck with this daddy, i gotta go to school." harmony said a little nerviously as she jogged to the door.

"Harmony.!" claude complained. "don't leave me here with All of them."

"aw, come on we'll have fun." taven chuckled. "Bye guys.!" harmony said opening the door. "Love yuh harmony.!" taven shouted. "have fun at school!" suitor shouted. "Don't get killed ,dear." azaziel said crossing his arms.

"Love you guys, and Please, go easy on dad, and Taven.. Stop killing all of mariposas' plants." harmony said closing the door.