Chapter 2


'Another school day just as the last.'

'People tease and torment and call me names all day long.'

'I cant wait to get home.'

'It takes about all my restrainth not to go home and just curse it all.

'The school ,the kids and even the teachers, with there dirty looks and glances. Ugh.!'

'It's not fair i have to leave balthazer manor. like 80 percent of the personalitys are Mine, father told me so.'

'But he says i have to have an education and atleast Try to live normally.'

'Only thing that intrest me is a boy. Granted he's never even Looked at me. but atleast he hasn't tormented me like the rest. but he never talks to Anybody other then 4 other kids.'

'Mariposas says he probably intrested in me too ,but i think thats just to spare my feelings seeming how he's never even Glanced at me..'

'Mariposas has always been like that, i miss them so much already.'

'She's great but i just can't wait to get home and see the rest too. Espeacily taven.'

"Miss balthazer." mrs collins snapped suddenly standing infront of her seat, did she Really get that close? was she in her own day dream That long?

"Please pay attention." mrs collins said sternly. walking back to her desk and began teaching to the class again.

harmony again went back to her thoughts,

'Only twenty more minutes; then i can finally go home and see taven.'

'he's always been my best friend. ever since i was 13 and dad brought him back to life from skelital remains.. Weird right?'

'but weird seems to be the Title of this family.'

harmony bared through the last minutes of class and walked through the halls as people began stairing at her again and whispering behind hands with nasty glares.

it only made her wanna curl up in a ball and press her body so tightly against her knees that she just disapeared. but unfourtenatly that wasn't possible.

she started speeding her pace till she started running and people avoided her walk till she began running as she bursted out the door's and then walked around the school building to the parking lot to her old red truck.

she saw that boy she was thinking about, Mitchell was his name; right across the parking lot with the Hendrickson's, they were twins ,Exsacly alike and were Always hanging out together, and then there was Deardre and Melissa.

'Deardre was a Witch.! ..well not literaly but she might as well had been.'

deardre would always be on of the first ones to torment her, but melissa mitchell and the hendricksons just minded there own business, excluding the hendricksons being trouble makers all the time, but never hateful to anybody.

she glanced over wanting to go talk to him but she knew with deardre there she coulden't even get to speak. then again if she even had the guts to talk to him.

"The balthazer girl is us stairing at us.." melissa said not hatefully but akwardly. harmony saw then stare at her and she sighed and got in her truck and started it up.

"She's cute." one of the hendrickson boys, Josh spoke. "She's Crazy." deardre said correctingly. "I think everybodys to hard on her, just let her be and then nobody's mad." mitchell said rolling his eyes at deardre.

"That one girl spilt milk on her and she's been sick this entire month." deardre exerted to mitchell. "Oh Come On, deardre, give it a rest. do you really think that mythical bullshit is real anyways? it's a Hoax. something for the pathedic people of this school to gossip about." mitchell said crossing his arms.

"I don't have anything against her ,but i can agree that she's a bit weird ,dont you say?" melissa said honestly.

"Probably cause everyone torments her everday. look i dont know her, so im not gonna torment her, i find it amazing how nobody else had figured this syestem out yet." mitchell said as he sighed a bit annoyedly.

"Home At last." harmony sighed as she ran up the giant steps and went into the house.

"Where is my beautiful grand daughter at?" her grandpa jasper said walking from the hall walk to her as her father standing beside him chuckled.

"Grandpa jasper? what are you doing here?" harmony smiled as she set her back pack down on the floor and hugged him. "looking at a few things for you're father,is all dearie." jasper said as he hugged her back.

"Harmony, want to join us ,were going on a walk." claude said to his daughter.

"Achaully, i'll take a raincheck on that one, school's been a little rough.. im gonna try and get some alone time." harmony said sounding a bit bummed.

Claude nodded sympathedicly "well i love you dear." he said as he kisses her forhead and nodded for his father to follow him.

Harmony then walked through the giant house and out the back door to the giant tree that was slowly dying.

she climbed up it and sat on a branch and sat there for what seemed like hours as she dozed off to sleep.

"Harmony?" a soft and some what angelic voice said from beside her.

"Oh, hey Mariposas," harmony rubbed her eyes as looked at the woman who seemed a bit pale with long wavy orange locks that went down her back with strides of light green on her skin like paint.

"How are you feeling?" Mariposas said sitting on a different branch as she stood up on it. "I'm fine.. school was Terrible though." Harmony said as Mariposas pouted a little. "Usaully your in you're garden?" Harmony asked.

"Taven killed my plants again." Mariposas said sounding a bit flustered.

"I'm sorry. you know Taven though, if he's not constantly doing something his bones break." Harmony told her. it was usaul there was always tension between Mariposas and Taven. Mariposas being All things Living, and Taven being All things Dead.

"i know, that's why i brought his grave yard to life. i even put flowers by his old grave." Mariposas smiled proudly. "Dear lord. you two are going to be the death of me." Harmony said.

"let me and taven Resolve Our issues, you worry about your own. but if you don't excuse me, im going to go bring life back to my Garden." Mariposas sighed and jumped off the tree landing on her feet and turned to look up at harmony. "Would you mind talking to taven about killing my garden.. it Is my santuary ,yuh know."

"i'll talk to him, but no real results are promised." Harmony said climbing down the tree. "i'll go find him." Harmony said

"Thank you," Mariposas sang as she walked off.

Harmony began walking the oppisit way of Mariposas' wonder. and walked for Several minutes through the grass rising and becoming more dead and brittle eatch step till she reached the small layer of woods.

"Ouch.!" Harmony said as her finger pricked a thorn. as a small drop of blood hit the dead leaves below her feet her eyes followed as she heard a scatter in the brush as she looked it's way and saw nothing.

..."Hello?" Harmony called spinning in a circle slowing looking in all directions.

"Kathroe ,come out." Harmony said un-amused as she crossed her arms looking for the teenaged boy to come out with his follower Haine. Kathroe was brought back to life by the Balthazers in 1856 in the woods with a mountain lion, That mountain lion being Haine. the Balthazers also brought the lion back to life as it died with Kathroe. and they were the more Subjects of the balthazers "Witch Craft" otherwise known as Alchemy.

the sunset began growing bigger making the light of the sky disapear through the tree lims in the woods. ..."Kathroe this isn't funny.." Harmony said crossing her arms as a dust of wind swept her breath away as dead leaves swermed.

"Kathroe..?" Harmony said with little hope left that it was him, looking around. she was scared now. alone in the woods as sprinklets of rain hit the ground and began hitting her.

"Kathroe, this isn't funny, your scaring me.!" Harmony said as her wrapped her arms around herself still looking around.