Faded sins, lost words, hazed tears


Have you forgotten?...


I am talking to you felony!

You can't live like this

You can't forgive yourself, then how is it that you are able to pull a smile?

What is it that the planets tell?

Why are the waters so calm?

What is it that your shyness hides?

What is this face I see in my dream?

That scent?

As if silhouetted…I am scared

Stars…what's up there?

A movement, But where?

Threaded…a storm at the shore of my heart

That knocks that sense every now and then

And that shiver of your touch…..

What are these secrets that won't wrap open?

Why are you in my mind stranger?

I can feel it sense it, but why?

Why are you scaring me? I ask again….but I know its futile….

Why is it that answers can never satisfy the questions?

the secrets that were never told,

a story which remained shut

even today not in conscience, why?

is it too late?

with out a single ray of light or a key to unlock destiny,

what awaited that last chapter? for all i know its over...

i have been away for a while and this might be my first piece in a really long time so i hope i get good response, though i know it has flaws but anyways reviews and critics are welcomed^^