I love that cracking sound,
Of your beating heart that breaks,
After all this coming around,
I think you really deserve this.

You thought you had me all figured out,
That you could use me for anything you wanted,
You'd thought I would follow you and scream out loud,
But our love, what we had, was unwanted.

There where parts I liked about you,
But also things I couldn't make it trough,
You had the feeling you were a boss over me,
But that shouldn't be.

We were a couple,
We should have been equal,
But you couldn't manage that at all,
You couldn't stand seeing yourself some more small.

Now that It's over,
I'll have to get rid of my cover,
Need to think for my own,
Get rid of this crown.

'Cause you thought I could be your queen,
Only be there for you, and never been seen,
You wanted to kill everyone near me,
Scared that anyone could steal me.

You were too busy with what you wanted,
That you forgot that you had me for granted,
Slowly you were losing me,
I realised, I wasn't happy.

But one day I will be,
I'm gonna get rid of the past,
And look at the future,
'Cause someday will be good,
Even for this creature.