The Number Two

Two ears help you to hear, two eyes allow you to see, having two friends around is better than being alone. The number two in parenting is much the same. While one parent can still function on his or her own they are never quite as efficient as they would if they parented in harmony. A mom and a dad, they both have their own spot in their children's hearts and mind. Neither parent is more or less important than the other.

Dad is the protector. He doesn't always say what he really means or what is really on his mind, but he is there in mind, spirit, and body, always watching over his young with eyes like a hawk.

He can't always be certain that he's making the right choices for his family, but who is? In this confusing world the outline defining right and wrong has become faint and progressively more difficult to read. It is dad's job to trace the line best he can and fill in the gaps with tools gained from experience and past mistakes. Someday my job will be to protect my family and fill that pathway in my own way, using only dad's outline as reference. I know that when that day comes I can trust that my dad has been there for me long enough to prevent me from making mistakes. He will continue to protect me in whatever way he can, because he's just that type of guy. He is faithful to his family until the end.

Mom is the nurturer and the definition of selflessness. She is a friend when you need one and always cares about what's on your mind. She does whatever she can to make sure that her family is happy, even if it means putting her own happiness aside for a moment. She always makes sure that her family is well fed and given clean clothing for the next day. We may not always get along, but I know for a fact that there is no other like my mother.

Guardian and comforter, friend and mentor, name one person who can play all these roles and still leave room in their heart to care for another. When I think of those words two names come to mind, my mom and my dad.