Mozart Had A Starling

Anyone has the capacity to write, or so we are told, but I think that

Not one of us would be able to if we were alone.

Nothing comes from nothing, and without love

All that exists is unmoving bone.


And without friendship, we are bound to

Loneliness, and the fear of the dark.

Each person owes scratchings of ink to another, and it's

Exceptional how we each leave our mark.


Jaws move and tongues speak in this world,

And yet few people speak anything of sense to me.

Mozart had a starling, and it sang as he composed,

Endlessly inspiring his creations, you see.

So you shall be my starlings, and your words, your


Truth and ideas and minds,

Are irrevocably wrapped around mine.

Really, you are the words I imagine and the ideas I brew.

All of you are present in every line.

It's not much, it's probably not even that great, but it's from the heart. I just wanted a way to thank you guys for being amazing human beings. Merry Christmas! :)

P.S - Alex - damn your awkward name!