A Time for Change December 24, 2012

By Andrea Cox

There was once a man I heard about, a great man; both to his kind, and his daughters. I learned about this man after I was captured by a scouting group working for the rebellion. While I was held captive by these people I remember hearing music. It was soft, and enchanting, but also slow, and sad. Curiously I asked my capture what the music was, and she led me to a large room filled with people.

"It's a funeral," The woman explained, not looking at me, "It is something we humans do for those who have died."

"Who was he?" I remember asking.

"He was a great man," The woman explained, "I met him a few years back, right after you leeches took over everything."

Apparently the man had travelled from Georgia, to New York with his two daughters, and along the way the man had experimented with ways to kill those like me.

"He wouldn't even accept a drink from me at the time," The woman said with a small, sad smile on her face, "Told me it just made it easier for you leeches." The man had apparently been the one to suggest a rebellion. A safe haven for survivors, like himself.

"He was more than that," This was a different woman, who had a darker skin color than the first one, and held a tiny infant in her arms, "First a foremost he was a father, and a grandfather." This new woman began to tell how the man had originally been an engineer, and as soon as my ancestors had begun to take over, he tried to get his family out of the Epicenter, which was in Georgia. However in the end he lost his wife while getting his daughters to safety. She was attacked by a hunting group, and he was forced to leave her behind to die.

The speaker that always struck me the most however, was the final speaker, a human girl about my age, who had the same skin color as the girl with the baby.

"He died protecting me," The girl whispered, her tears could be heard on her voice; "We were out on a food raid when a group attacked us." She paused to wipe some tears from her brown eyes, "He got bit protecting me, and instead of becoming a monster, he decided to just end it all." I don't what it was about this particular girl, but something seemed to change inside me when I saw her crying, talking about this man.

I watched as the coffin was set on fire, and I began to realize that these where not merely the mindless animals that I had been raised to think of them as. These where living creatures, capable of emotion, of sadness. Something most of my own kind where no longer capable of. I know this had to be changed, so I convinced the humans to let me help them. They were shocked by my offer to say the least, but hey after everything my ancestors had put them through? I'm not surprised.

So not it is my appointed duty, I will make sure thing change, and for the better this time. Because as I walked away from the rebellion, and the burning coffin with the man who had started the beginning of a change. I could he him beside me, and I knew I wouldn't be alone in this.