Monster in the Closet

By Andrea Cox

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Anne-Marie. Little Anne-Marie was a happy child who lived in a big house with her mommy, her daddy, and her kitty cat Luna. She loved to run around, and play with her dolls, just like any little would.

At night however, when it was time for Anne-Marie to go to sleep, she became very afraid. After her mommy tucked her into bed, and turned off the lights, the monster would come. The monster was a mean, red eyes beast that lived in her closet. He would only come out once all the lights were turned off, because that mean old beast was scared of the light. He would terrorize poor little Anne-Marie as she tried to fall asleep; not even her night light could keep him away for long.

This was one such night, as little Anne-Marie curled up with her doll at the head of her bed. She could hear the monsters deep breathing from inside her closet even if she couldn't see it because of how dark it was. She sat there shaking like a leaf; when suddenly, a low grumble emanated from the closet, causing Anne-Marie to dive under her blankets.

"Now, now my dear why are you so scared?" a voice asked. Anne-Marie poked her head out of the blankets, and found that there was an old woman sitting next to her on her bed. She reminded Anne-Marie of her grandmother, with her silver hair pulled back into a tight bun, and wrinkles around her eyes showed her years of laughter and joy. The only difference was that this woman was wearing a plain dark color dress which fell down to the floor covering her feet.

"There's a monster in my closet," Anne-Marie replied, "If I could to sleep, he might come out and eat me." The old woman smiled; a strange glint in her eye.

"Oh, and how do you know it is a monster?" The old woman asked. Anne-Marie looked at the ladylike she was crazy.

"Because it has red eyes, and doesn't like the light," Anne-Marie said as though it was obvious, "It also stays in my closet just so that it can pop out and scare me."

"Maybe it doesn't know it scares you," The woman replied, "And maybe the reason it stays in your closet is because it's shy."

"But what about the red eyes?" Anne-Marie asked.

"You were born with blue eyes, does that make you scary?" The woman asked.


"Then what's so scary about red eyes?" Anne-Marie didn't answer, "You know what I think, I think if you just tell him that he's scaring you he'll stop." The old woman stood up held a hand out to Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie took the woman's hand, and together they walked over to the closet. As they neared Anne-Marie could once again hear the monsters deep breathing, and she hid slightly behind the old woman, "Go on, it's alright." Anne-Marie looked at her closet, and stepped out from behind the old woman.

"Mr. Monster," Anne-Marie started, "I don't like that your scaring me, please stop." Suddenly the breathing stopped, and the red eyes disappeared, with a soft whisper of I'm sorry.

"Now see, was that so hard?" The old woman asked. Anne-Marie looked at her and shook her head, "Good, now let's get you back to sleep." Anne-Marie climbed back into bed, and the old woman began tucking her in.

"Who are you?" Anne-Marie asked suddenly, as she felt her eye lids getting heavy. The old woman chuckled as she sat down next to Anne-Marie.

"I go by many names child," The old woman said, "I am the night time, the wisdom that comes with age, and I am the guardian of the next life." The woman stroked some hair out of the child's face, "I am simply known as the Crone."