My Sin

By Andrea Cox

This tale is true and mine

It is a tale of good and evil,

And the thin line between.

For the darkness has many disguises,

Using it's cunning to deceive its prey.

Blinding us of its true purpose

To corrupt, and destroy all things of the light

The river flows through the doorway of my soul,

Attempting to heal and fix what is broken.

In the end though, the darkness is immortal.

It was in this black abyss that I was born.

Knowing the cruelty of man, but still innocent, still naïve,

But through the darkness a false savior came

Bathed in light and warmth

His glamour so persuasive that I offered myself to him.

Hoping for a mere glimpse of what I could not know.

But as I said the darkness is devious,

And instead of raising me to the light,

As one would expect from such a great man

The savior threw me farther

Pushing me deeper and deeper into the blackness

Until all seemed lost. Shackles binding themselves around my wrists

Holding me down as my soul shattered. The glass cut into me,

Spilling my crimson liquid onto the ground

Then, as such is the nature of darkness, it had consumed me.

However all is not lost.

For through the darkness a beacon shines

Leading the lost to the light.

Waiting there, arms opened and inviting

Is the Goddess and lady, mother of the Earth.

The father, and lord, king of the skies stands by her side

Protecting those on their journey home.

For it is the God and Goddess from whom all begins

And it shall be only by their power that life returns to its womb

Until such time as it is ready to be reborn again.