Dear Jesus:

Today is your special day, although admittedly, everyday is your special day. You deserve it, for everything that you've done for us. I just wanted to say, THANK YOU JESUS. Thank you for everything that you've done for me. You endured long suffering. You had to endure being ridiculed, teased, mocked, spit on, betrayed and hurt physically and emotionally, all for sinners. You did it for not only the people who love you, but for the people who hated you, who rebuked you, who constantly used your name in vain, who don't believe that you exist. You did it for the people who doubted you, for the people who denied you, for the people who were and are ashamed to talk about you. You did it for the God fearing people, for the people who bless you and kiss your feet. You did it for the people who pray to you and praise your name, for the people who believe in you and your father, and who will do anything you say. You did it for the poor, the weak, and the weary. You did to for the strong, the powerful, and the defiant. You did it for every race, for both genders, no matter who they were, you died for them. You did it for the blind, for the deaf, for the paralyzed. Because you LOVE US ALL. So this Christmas, instead of writing down a list to Santa, or waiting anxiously for gifts, I want to praise you, and serve you. I want everyday to be your day. I want you to see how much I love. But mostly, I want to say thank you.

You've done so much for me.

When I refused your name, you stayed by side.

When I doubted you, you continued to love me.

When I cursed you, you blessed me.

When I told you that I hated you, you told me you loved me.

Throughout everything, you have shown me love, love that I don't deserve. And even though I am far from perfect, you still see me as perfect. Even when I don't think I'm beautiful, you tell me I am. When I wonder why God ever created me, you help me to see the light and remember that I have a purpose in this world. And when I am frightened, you comfort me. When I am lonely, you stay by my side. You show me a path; you help me to find the light. Jesus, Merry Christmas! I love you more than life itself.