I lay here motionless,

Just the way you left me,

Ya you took the breath right out of me,

Didnt think twice as you left me to bleed,

Now I lay here hooked up to these machines that continue to scream.

Im so cold,

Here inside this coma,

Im lifeless,

Im so cold.

You talked of a future,

Then turned around and left me for her,

A shot to the heart,

You played a villains part,

And me just another victim,

You took the life from me,

Took the light from my eyes,

Took the smile I once possessed,

Ya just end it for me now ...

Ill take another shot to the chest.

Here inside this coma,

Im lifeless ,

So cold!

So cold!

This game you played,

Left me so frayed,

Your not the one for which I prayed.

I fought so hard to make you happy,

Some days it seemed like love, ya you were so sappy.

But then so quickly you would turn,

Leaving me in tears, breathless and a voice now raspy.

Here inside this coma,

Im lifeless,

So cold!

So cold!

Days of no replies,

Laying in bed willing myself to rise,

What was truth and what was lies?

Never once did I think love was something I could despise.

I dreamed of being a bride,

With you forever, never leaving your side.

Since when did love have rules for which I had to abide?

One day I smiled, the next day i cried.

My heart so overworked and near fried.

The love and care I needed you so carelessly denied.

Here inside this coma,

Im lifeless,

So cold!

So cold!

Ya im coma- cold.