so recently i found the word pillowbook and decided to give it a try but im not sure what so heres a first one and i'll work from there:)


In school

Such a gentle child

Yet a guard

So high

Just working

Never stopping to care

Until that first look

Years ago

She had told herself

No one cares

No one sees

No one knows

So she lived

In her self built shell

She didn't know what else

She could do

Until that first look

When someone noticed

Someone saw

She didn't know at first

He would watch her from afar

Never knowing

Too scared to question or find

But once

Only once

That was all it took

Their eyes met

And she stopped

Taking in her world

Eyes wide open

As she soaked in the world

She had denied herself

That one glance

Was the start of a dream

But as we all know

Nightmares come before dreams...

so what do you think, i have an idea for the pillowbook now, i'll write it in the summary