this is the last one in her view, thank you for reading i hope you have enjoyed it:)

Finding A Life

It all began

The day i saw eyes

Look right into mine

He saw me

Didn't look through

Then a miracle

I decided

Not to hide

To try to see

What everyone else saw

I gained a friend

Who would laugh and joke

Two in fact

Then to the movies

The very first time

I took them to met


They were tested and tried

Sister pushed them far

But they never gave up

True friends they were

The movie called Barry

I'll never forget

Was funny and all

Then we went to tea

We were at her house

When her parents asked

I grew cold

Maybe they didn't want to know me

I told the truth

And got love in return

I felt accepted

A home not my own

Then time passed on

The twins went home with him

I felt the flutter of wings

And fast heart beat

The blood rushing

Every time we met

Soon the questions were asked

And i answered


I was ecstatic


All happiness

Thanks to his glance

I got some chances

I'll never change that.

okay thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed this:)