Hey guys & gales its me! Merry Xmas and a happy new year! This is my new story because i`ve had some serious writers block on " How I feel in love" sooooo ya . enjoy!

The Girl Who Drown


My name is Alex and when I was 17 I drown.

Chapter 1

On my 17th birthday I woke up to Crystal and Addison singing to me. Crystal was my foster mom of the pass two months and my favourite. I usually have a new one every month but Crystal and Addi seem able to take my crap.

I`ve been in foster care since I was 7. I was shoved in to the orphanage when my drunken biological sperm donor shot my mother 4 times in front of me to teach me manners and respect. So to sum it up.. he`s an asshole.

Anyways; I laughed at Crystal and her daughter's failed attempt of singing (their no Amy Lee) then ate the amazing "birthday breakfast" that Crystal made. They tried to talk me into a 'special day with the family' but how they said it, it sounded like my mother so I pulled the 'be an ass' move and ran out of there like I on the top of the F.B.I's "most wanted" list. But it wasn't random. I was running to my date with my superman. The guy that was there the whole time. I ran to Seth.

Hit that button. You know you want to…..