Happy Tuesday! I bet you haven't heard that today.

So here is the long awaited sequel to the story "Rosaline: Hyperactive Summer."

I hope you will enjoy it.

A disgruntled college boy with blonde hair stalked unhappily down the quiet morning beach with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He had driven twelve hours to get to this beach several weeks ago, and since then, his girlfriend had been scolding him nonstop. He thought this was going to be a summer for trying new things and expanding his knowledge of the world, but his girlfriend yelled at him about every little thing.

Things hit a breaking point the previous night when she finally threw him out of their hotel room. He and a group of his new friends got into a bit of legal trouble after tearing apart a hotel lobby in town. It wasn't the one they were staying at so the guy had little confidence that he would be caught. But the manager of the hotel had called the police and they tracked him down. His girlfriend came to his aid, and ultimately the hotel decided not to press charges as long as repairs and cleaning were done to the lobby quickly. Regardless of how that incident turned out, Jill was not happy with him.

After spending a largely sleepless night in the back seat of his car, Jack had woken up early and had the pleasure of wandering the beach in the cold air. He could not enjoy it, though, for his thoughts were fixed on how to smooth things over with Jill. Still unhappy with how she reacts to every idea he has, Jack decided he would have to ask Master for some advice. He would know what to do.

Jack was floored suddenly when he came across a girl lying facedown in the sand. The early morning waves came up around her as if they had forced her onto the shore. She was surrounded by seaweed and driftwood that washed up alongside her. No one else was on the beach, and seeing that she wasn't moving, Jack rushed to her side.

"Hey, hey, are you alright? Wake up," Jack said in an alarmed tone as he softly shook her shoulder. He rolled the girl over onto her back.

Her clothes were soaked, and there was white sand stuck to her like powdered sugar. Her skin was darkened from considerable sun exposure, and her blue hair draped messily over her face. Jack brushed it away and used his arms to help prop her up slightly. She drearily opened her eyes, as if she didn't have the strength to open them all the way.

"Where are the others?" she asked in a soft, tired voice.

"What do you mean 'others'?" Jack asked with concern. "I'm the only one here."

"No, no, there were others. They couldn't be…" the girl made a frantic face as she tried to sit up. However, she lacked the strength to do it on her own, and Jack had to support her. "We have to find them."

"We have to get you to a doctor first," Jack said, holding her up, "Can you stand?"

"I don't think so," she winced, "my legs don't feel right."

"Okay then," Jack said as he used all his strength to lift the tall girl off the ground, carrying her as if he was a prince and she a princess. "We'll get you taken care of, and then we'll find your friends."

"Thank you; you're very kind," the girl said as she gripped his t-shirt, looking up at him with lovely eyes.

"Uh, Rosaline," a muscular teenage boy with long blonde hair asked from a few feet away, "What are you doing?"

"Wait, you know this girl?" Jack asked.

"I've seen her once before," the tall guy said.

The beautiful expression of a maiden in distress suddenly shattered, only to be replaced by a very familiar frustrated scowl. The blue-haired girl climbed down from Jack's arms and began dusting the sand off of her clothes and body.

"Geez Frankie," Rosaline said bitterly, "way to ruin it. Can't you tell when I'm on the make? Would it kill you to play along?"

"You're Rosaline?" Jack asked with surprise.

"Yeah, what of it? Oh whatever, you can go now," she said rudely.

"Sorry, she's just a little immature. Rosaline doesn't mean to be so impolite," Frankie Urban apologized to Jack. "You shouldn't talk to him that way. After all, he did play capture-the-flag with us a few days ago, remember?"

"Well, look at all the facks I give. Let's go, Frankie."

With a pissed off look, Rosaline made her way off the beach. Frankie waved awkwardly to Jack before following her, leaving the college student with the uncomfortable feeling that he had been ten seconds away from being had.

"Jack!" growled a black-haired girl from behind him. Her anger, if visible, would blaze with all the fires of hell and eleven suns. Jack turned around with terror. "Here I am with the overly agreeable notion of apologizing for being so hard on you all the time and I find you getting cheek-to-cheek with another girl! You're a disgrace!" She stormed off angrily.

"Wait, Jill, I thought she was a castaway or something," Jack called out as he ran after her, begging to make amends.

A teenage girl with big purple eyes and long pink hair stood in a blue and white sailor suit at the gates of your new high school. She held her bag in front of her and seemed to be waiting for someone. Once she saw you approach, the girl smiled warmly.

"Good morning," she said, "I don't think we've met before. Could you be the transfer student that I've heard so much about?"

Crap, she's really pretty. Her breasts look so…Is she really only my age? She seems way more mature than any of the other girls I've met since moving here. I'd really like to get to know her.

"H-hey, are you staring at my breasts?" she asked. Her lips were puckered as she gave an embarrassed scowl.

You have two options. You can say "Yeah, sorry" or you can say "I was just admiring how cute you look in the school uniform." You chose the latter.

"Hmmm, jerk, I hope you're not one of those bad boy types. Flattery won't win over every girl." She crossed her arms and looked un-impressed.

Oh man, looks like a bad first impression, huh?

"Sorry I didn't mean to offend you," you say.

"That's better," her smile returned, "my name is Mitsukiki Hurahi. It's nice to meet you."

"Why her? Your childhood friend was way hotter and she made you breakfast," Al asked.

Albert Hans, in his usual sunglasses and gold earrings, watched the game play out on the television as he reclined in a wicker chair. His black hair was slicked back and his tan skin was covered with a black t-shirt and blue swim trunks. Upon the request of his companion, Al was enlisted as the advisor for the video game that the two had been playing for the passed half-hour.

"She's okay, but Mitsukiki is more my type," David explained, "Roko-chan teases me too much; it's annoying."

David Hassle explained why he decided to pursue this particular game character in the Japanese dating simulator that he had purchased the day before as he sat on the coffee table with the game controller in his hands. David was incredibly thin, pale and had shaggy blonde hair that curled slightly at the ends. Along with his beige shorts, he wore a white t-shirt with the Japanese symbol for "tiger" written in black across the chest.

"Davy-o, this game is boring," Al moaned with his head held back.

David had asked Al to give him advice during game play. The goal of the game was for the player to select a girlfriend from the assorted cast members. The choices the player makes determines what girl he ends up with. Since the game began thirty minutes ago, the first decision the player had to make was his response to Mitsukiki's question.

"We're trying to tell a story here, Al."

"Just skip to the good part already."

"The whole thing is the good part."

"No, it's not." Al held up the box the game came in and pointed to the black H at the bottom right-hand corner. "The good part is the H part. And H means hentai, right? So just fast-forward through all this character-developing-nonsense and get to the sex scene."

David glared at Al and then returned to the game. David usually didn't play these kinds of games, but since his recent romance seemed to end before it started, David realized that he would have to charm a girl that he wasn't already really close with. This game was practice for just that.

"You have no appreciation for art," David said, "but when I get there, I'll give you the controller." Al was willing to accept the proposal.

It was then that Rosaline barged through the back door with a sour look on her face. She had continued to berate Frankie for ruining her ploy to get a boyfriend.

"Good morning Al," Rosaline said happily upon seeing him. "Pervert you disgust me," she directed at David. She didn't know what he was doing, but by the looks of what was on the T.V., she didn't like it.

"Nice to see you, too," David waxed pleasant. Since the Fourth of July, he was determined not to let Rosaline get under his skin, an easier thing said than done.

With a "humph," Rosaline headed upstairs.

Carrie Connors instinctively gave a squeak in fear as Rosaline forced the bathroom door open. Having just stepped out of the shower, Carrie hid herself behind a towel as Rosaline ranted about how Frankie ruined her plan. Rosaline removed her clothes, got into the shower, quickly washed herself and was out again in less than three minutes. She didn't stop talking for a single moment.

Rosaline threw the towel over her shoulder and stared at her naked body in the mirror. Her brow was furrowed as she critically examined herself.

"Oh my God; I think my lack of boyfriend has caused my boobs to deflate," Rosaline said entirely serious. She turned towards Carrie. "What do you think, Carrie? Are my breasts any less balloony?"

"Well, um…I…um," Carrie mumbled awkwardly as she looked away, her trademark blush coming to her face.

"Carrie, you're not even looking," Rosaline pointed out. "Give it to me straight: bigger or smaller?"

"I-I-I…wouldn't…um." Carrie stuttered. "I guess they're pretty balloony."

"Like how balloony?" Rosaline asked. "On a scale of one to ten; one being a birthday balloon that's sat around for five days and ten being a hot air balloon."

Carrie twiddled her fingers uncomfortably.

"Um, maybe a seven," Carrie said, not really sure what that would be.

"Hmmm, I guess that's fine for now," Rosaline said as she looked at herself in the mirror again. She then wrapped herself in a towel and left the bathroom, saying "Finish getting dressed Carrie; we're in a hurry."

"We are?"

After getting into a pair of jeans and a tank top, Rosaline forced her way into R-Kelley's room. She yanked the sleeping boy out from under a pile of dirty clothes and threw his slender frame over her back. With the black haired teenager on her back, Rosaline dragged Carrie by the wrist down the stairs to where the others were. Rosaline then instructed everyone to go back upstairs to get what they needed.

Frankie, Al, Carrie and R-Kelley all looked up at Rosaline as she stood on a chair at the head of the dining room table. Aside from her, the others were all seated at the table with books, paper and pencils in front of them. David looked down at his laptop in front of him with a scowl, knowing that if Rosaline had an idea, it could only be painful.

"Gentlemen and the shrimp formally known as Pervert, we've spent a lot of time here. We frolicked and played enough to make any father proud. Our dedication to the art of summer is surely unsurpassed by any of the low-lives that squander the beauty of the beach," Rosaline said.

Carrie smiled awkwardly. What's she talking about?

"But it is time for you guys to stop goofing around. There's work to be done. That is why I'm implementing International Do Summer Homework Day, so you lay-abouts can finally do something productive!" Rosaline ranted.

"Did she really just say that?" Frankie muttered.

"What do you mean 'goofing around'?" David asked. "Three of us had to get jobs, Frankie's done nothing but housework all summer and R-Kelley's…been off fighting evil or whatever it is he does." R-Kelley smiled at that. "If anyone's been goofing off, it's you Rosaline."

"Ahem," Rosaline cleared her throat, "save all questions for after the festivities." She jumped off her chair and slammed her hand against the table. "Nobody leaves this table until all of our summer homework is finished!"

"Seriously?" Al moaned weakly.

"Those of you that refuse will face my wrath; ten times that of which I dispense upon Pervy here!" She dramatically pointed across the table at David.

Everyone looked at David as he brought his hand up to his now healed eye that had been bruised by Rosaline earlier in the summer, along with many other instances of physical and verbal abuse.

"But wait," David said as he raised his hand, "I don't have any summer homework. So can I be excused?"

"Nope," Rosaline said resolutely, "you have to suffer with the rest of us. And if this ends up taking too long, you are the one I'd be most willing to kill and eat."

And with that baffling statement…

"Well, I guess it has to get done anyway," Carrie said with a forced smile.

"Yeah, might as well get it over with," Frankie added with a similar look.

"Wouldn't want the last two weeks of summer to repeat fifteen-thousand times or anything," David commented, also smiling uncomfortably.

R-Kelley maintained his seemingly oblivious smile, but Al with a groan, made no effort to hide his annoyance at the situation. However, after Rosaline declared the commencement of their work, Al gave up on any intention he had of complaining. He sluggishly picked up his pen and began marking up his worksheet.

Next time: The arrival of everyone's favorite character!