"Geez, I can't believe you all have so much summer homework," Michy Sorsa said as she handed out plates of sandwiches around the table. "I can believe Frankie and Carrie, but Al and you?" She looked at Rosaline who ungratefully gnawed on her ham sandwich.

"And what's that supposed to mean, Blondie?" Rosaline snapped.

"It means you don't seem like the studious type," Michy said coolly.

"Ha, I'll have you know that I'm overflowing with studiism-ness," Rosaline explained arrogantly. "I'm taking two AP classes this year. How many are you taking?"

"One," Michy admitted, annoyed by Rosaline's bragging.

"Mm-hmm," Rosaline hummed highhandedly.

"You see, Michy, it was Rosaline's idea to have us all take at least two AP classes. She threatened to eat Bro Dog if we didn't," Frankie explained, causing the golden retriever to whimper again.

"Do you even appreciate how much you bully your own friends?" Michy asked as she gave Rosaline, who was grinning proudly at her own powers of persuasion, a disgusted look. Rosaline cocked her head slightly, as if she didn't see what Michy was getting at.

A distinguishable panting echoed through the room, followed by the words "Onii-chan!" It was clearly not coming from any of them, so all the teenagers looked over at Al, who was still at the computer.

"Al, how far in the game did you get?" David asked, concerned that Al was playing without him.

"All the way, man," Al answered without looking up. "And it's not me; I'm continuing your game."

Rosaline leaned over to look at the screen.

"Pervy, how could you force Al to play this!" she berated after seeing the pornographic images.

David grumbled at her obvious double-standard and then asked "Well, what happened to me?"

Al cleared his throat as he turned towards David.

"David, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this," Al said, "but you are currently inside your sister's butt." Al then couldn't hold back any longer and just burst out laughing.

Rosaline stared at David with a grossed-out expression and said "Pervert, you are sick!"

Before David could berate Al for ruining his game, Frankie stepped in and asked Al if he was ready to continue on with his homework.

"Uh oh, Mitsukiki just walked in on us. She looks mad," Al said happily.

"No!" David cried, "Mitsukiki, it's not my fault!"

"Al! Homework!" Frankie yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Al waved him off, "I'm on number thirty-two."

"Out of a hundred?" Frankie asked frantically.

"Haha, got you beat Al. I'm on thirty-five," Rosaline said proudly. "Ooh, we should each do half of the assignment and then share our answers."

"Okay, unless someone wants to object," Al looked at Frankie. Both he and Rosaline puckered their lips in his direction.

Frankie rubbed his forehead as if he was getting a headache. He allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Seeing as it took them almost five hours to get so little done, it'd be more painful to have them work on their own. The sooner they finish up, the sooner their holiday celebrations come to an end. He wondered why two people who were so slow at math would sign up for AP calculus.

Six hours in, the pencil rolled out of Frankie's hand. With a sigh of relief, the football player closed the notebook he had been writing in as well as the book he was forced to read. It was a long haul, but despite the aching pain in his right hand, Frankie was satisfied with the effort.

"All done," he said softly.

He looked over at his friends. With a knitted brow, Rosaline hastily worked through her math problems while her tongue hugged the side of her mouth. Al worked much more slowly, his head occasionally nodding as he fought off sleep. He shook his head violently to stay awake. Carrie read quietly as she reached the last chapter of the second book. David was ticked off as he played through the dating simulator, having restarted it after Al's unsatisfying ending. As David clicked aggressively, R-Kelley finally woke up.

"Are we still doing homework?" R-Kelley asked through a yawn as he stretched his arms over his head. "Look, Michy's here. Hi Michy."

"Hi R-Kelley. Got your homework finished?" Michy asked blankly as she sat in a wicker chair as she watched T.V.

"Oh, I finished that a long time ago," R-Kelley answered blissfully.

"What? When?" Frankie asked with surprise.

"Our first day here," R-Kelley answered. "It only took a few hours."

"Wow, what classes are you taking?"

"AP physics and AP chemistry; chemistry took the longest."

"What!" David screeched as he forcefully pushed the screen of his laptop back so he could see R-Kelley. "I thought there wasn't any summer homework for that class!"

"Didn't you get that e-mail with the summer assignment? It was this online lesson with assessments and review problems for what you miss on the assessments. I got it before school got out," R-Kelley explained.

"I didn't get any e-mail!" David said, "I know I'm registered for the class; they must have just missed my e-mail address."

R-Kelley took David's laptop and called up the e-mail on his account from over a month ago. R-Kelley handed it back over to David, and he read the message. He groaned as he read the first words and as he scrolled down the page, seeing the essay in full, his groan turned into a yell of agony. He came back to his senses, though, when an eraser hit him in the head.

"Shut up," Rosaline ordered.

David worked furiously through the online assignment for the next half hour. The frustrating results of the assessments left him with a lot of chemistry subjects to review, which took a long time, especially if he didn't figure out how to do it right away.

Rosaline, however, had grown bored with working and now her body lay flat across the length of the table, her face pressed against the polished wood. She periodically gave a loud, distracting sigh.

"Rosaline, could you please get back to work?" Frankie asked, sitting backwards in his chair.

"Frankie," Rosaline rolled her head over so that she could look him the eye. "I'm depressed. Do you know why I'm depressed?" Frankie didn't have a second to answer. "It's because I'm tired. I'm tired of doing homework. I'm tired of having blue hair. I'm tired of getting rejected by boys. And this morning, I made a frightful discovery."

"What was tha-"

"Frankie," Rosaline said as she sat up on her knees. "Tell me, do I look balloony to you?"

Oh dear, Carrie thought.

Frankie put on a charming smile and said "I guarantee it that you're not the least bit balloony."

Another smooth move by Frankie, he congratulated himself.

Rosaline gazed at him in utter disbelief. Her lower lip quivered as she began to tear up.

Frankie was caught off-guard. What he say?

"Geez, I didn't realize you were so cruel!" Rosaline cried as she hastily crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Wait no," he tried to cover his tracks. "I didn't mean that. I actually think you're very balloony, especially around the middle."

Is this really the answer she wanted to hear? This is Rosaline, so I guess you can never be too sure, Frankie thought.

"So now I'm not just flat, but I'm fat too!" She bawled, turning away as if to hide her shameful figure.

"Huh?" Frankie gasped.

I got it wrong!

David, Michy and Al all laughed at the scene as Rosaline shuffled on her knees across the table and clumsily threw herself into her chair. She looked embarrassed as she gazed at Frankie angrily.

"Uh, Rosaline, I'm not sure what I said, but I'm really sorry." He forced an apologetic smile to mask his confusion.

"I don't care how sorry you are; I won't forgive you unless…" she paused for a brief moment, "you let me use your history notes."

"Not a chance," Frankie said flatly.

"Then I'm not talking to you anymore," Rosaline said childishly.

"Count your blessings, Frankie," Michy said from the living room.

"Shove off Blondie!"

"Jump off a bridge, Rosaline!"

As Rosaline and Michy continued to throw insults at each other, Al, David and Carrie all looked over curiously at Frankie. Al tried to hide his smile.

"Knock it off; get back to work David," Frankie ordered sternly.

"Gah," David shrieked when remembered how much work he still had to do.

"You too, Al," Frankie added.

Al moaned as he leaned back over to stare down at his packet full of math problems.

It was dark out.

David typed so rapidly that the noise of his keyboard echoed through the room. He stared intently with an exhausted but determined glare at the blurring screen. His teeth were tightly clenched; he bared them unconsciously as he worked. A drop of sweat trickled down his nose.

"Ah, he's overheating. R-Kelley," Frankie said as he turned toward the slim teenager across from David.

"Right," R-Kelley nodded affirmatively. He picked up Frankie's notebook and began using it to fan David.

"David, just take it steadily; keep a nice even pace or you're going to regret it later," Frankie coached. One of his legs jerked up and down nervously as he spoke.

"Mm," David grunted in acknowledgement.

"Michy, can you get David some water?" Frankie asked.

"I'm a little busy," Michy struggled to say.

She used the weight of her whole body to keep a frustrated Al in his chair. One of her hands was pressed down against his right wrist. The other was gripping the top of his head, pushing it down towards the table.

Al was also dripping sweat and gritting his teeth as he fought back, trying desperately to lift his head.

"I can't do it anymore! A man can only take so much abuse," he whined.

"Stop being such a baby," Michy huffed.

"I've reached my limit. The only option now is to go to sleep and start again tomorrow morning," Rosaline said solemnly as she nestled her head into her arms and tried to doze off.

"Please don't fall asleep Rosaline," Carrie gently shook her arm to keep Rosaline awake. "You're almost done. Just keep going."

"It's okay, we'll just do the same thing tomorrow," Rosaline yawned.

"Oh, but I don't want to spend the night at the table," Carrie said as she pumped her fists up and down.

"Ah, my hand! Cramp!" David shouted, holding his hand out in front of him with an agonizing look on his face.

"It's okay, just flex it gently," Frankie ordered. "You can't stop working."

"Err, right!" David hesitated for a moment, but despite the pain he dove back into his work, an unmovable, determined fire in his eyes.

"Atta boy, David!" Frankie cheered.

Al stood up and tried to make a run for it, but Michy quickly caught him and forced him back down against the table. She held his arm behind his back and his face against the old piece of furniture.

"Crap, you're crushing my head!"

"Yeah, I'll crush the other one if you try that again," Michy barked. "Hey, Rosaline, wake up, you moron!"

"Moron?" Rosaline's head immediately shot up. "Do you have any idea how much work I did today?"

"That's all self-imposed. You're the idiot that wanted to do it all in one sitting," Michy yelled.

"Blondie, you're asking for a smack down!"

"Ah, it hurts! It hurts!" Al shouted.

"Well bring it on, bitch!"

"Please, calm dow-" Frankie started.

"Ow, cramp!" David shouted, holding out his other hand. Carrie took it and looked his hand over with concern.

"I'm going to scratch your eyes out," Rosaline threatened.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Al screamed.

"And then you'll know that my name is th-"


As Frankie shouted, he brought his fist down against the aging piece of furniture so hard that it split the table into two large halves and many smaller shards and splinters. The group was instantly silenced by the uncharacteristic display of rage from who they all considered to be their most adult friend. With a cracking sound, the table crumbled in front of their eyes. Frankie panted as he calmed down, rubbing his sore fist.

Al quickly grabbed a chunk of the table and said "I call the downstairs bathroom," before running off.

"I got upstairs," Rosaline took a chunk and followed Al's example.

"Well, that was a huge waste of time," David said as he went upstairs with his laptop under his arm.

Carrie yawned and followed David, saying "Boy, I'm really tired."

"I'm out of here," Michy said as she made her way to the door.

"Hold on, I'll walk you home," R-Kelley happily pranced after her.

Once they had all gone, Frankie looked down at Bro Dog at his side and then at the destroyed dining room table. He sighed and rubbed his forehead as he walked to his bedroom, knowing very well who would have to clean up tomorrow.

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