Chapter 11

The car ride there was surprisingly short, and the kids were still in shock, desperately trying to process so much information. They were knackered, to be honest, they haven't gotten a good night's rest in a long time. Nightmares and all.

They pulled up at a high tech science facility, and were roughly pulled from the car. Their hands were tied in thick rope, painfully rubbing against the skin against their wrists. Lana Alice felt miserable. She only had a taste of freedom, so blissful and sweet, only to be captured again. Her head throbbed and her legs ached. But there was one thing she couldn't get out of her mind.

Cecily's my sister. My real, blood sister. I have a sister. She's my sister.

She wasn't sad or disappointed in any way, to be honest; she was quite pleased to have a sibling.

But it was mostly shock. She had a real family now. She wasn't alone.

The men gave them a rough push to make them walk faster. All they could do was obey.

They were lead to the basement, into some sort of secret laboratory.

And then a door with a vast array of scanners on it. Lana swallowed a lump that began forming in her throat.

"What's in there?" Phillip asked, sounding firm and determined.

"Past that door are the tunnel pods. A one way ticket to Marianna Island. And you-" The man shoved them forward painfully, causing them to stumble forward. "Will unlock it for us."

Phillip began looking around, as if calculating and analyzing his surroundings.

Then all three of them nodded to each other. Three kids, two men. Let's see who goes down first.

And with a grunt, Phillip knocked the man behind him with the back of his head, causing the man to stumble back and clutch his forehead that was now bleeding freely.

The other man tightened his hold on Lana, but Cecily came between them and elbowed him painfully in the ribs. His hold loosened, just enough for Lana to slip out. She kicked his knee caps, creating an audible click and a piercing scream. He fell hard.

"Quickly!" Phillip said, and they all rushed to the door, pressing their hands to the scanners, unlocking them. It opened with a whoosh and a click.

They grabbed their rucksacks and hurried into the room, the remaining man on their tail. His hands and head was caked in blood. "Careful, kids, there's a self-destruct button on here, too. And if I can't get in, no one can." He grinned maliciously, and jammed a red button on the wall with his bloody fist.

Cecily ran over and swung the door shut, locking it behind her. The alarms began blaring. The man pounded at the door.

"Self-destruct in 10 seconds."

Lana felt her heart pounding against her ribcage, trying to escape. Phillip took out his pocket knife and sliced through the ropes that bound their wrists, and they hastily began working at the locks on the pod.

"Self-destruct in 5 seconds."

"Get in!" Cecily cried, and helped them into the small pod.

"Self-destruct in 3 seconds."

They scanned their hands one last time.

"Self-destruct in 2 seconds."

With a jerk and a whoosh, the pod sped across the tunnel. They made it.

They laughed and hugged each other in relief. They were alive.

"I knew we'd make it!" Cecily smiled at Phillip, and he smiled back.

Then she did something completely unexpected. She kissed him.

Phillip's mind went a thousand miles per hour. He felt like he could swim to Africa and back. And it felt….. Amazing. He felt complete. He felt whole.

Lana Alice cleared her throat awkwardly, and they pulled away.

Just then, the pod slowed to a standstill. They were here.

They stepped out, and found themselves in another lab, a replica of the one they were just in. On the wall it said: Marianna Island. The City of the Future.

They scanned their hands on the wall, and the tunnel broke off, sealing them in. The door on the other side opened. This was their future. No more wars. No more orphanages. No more running. No more nightmares. A new life with their parents. A new beginning. A clean slate to start over.

"Ready?" Phillip asked.

"Ready." Lana and Cecily replied in unison, their voices slightly shaky.

They linked hands and went inside. They didn't look back.

Author's Note: Thus ends the story. Did you like the ending? Was it satisfying or were you expecting a little more? I decided to end it before they meet their parents because I might want to continue it. So should I? Or should I just leave it at this? I have tons of ideas for a sequel, and if you'd like one, please don't be afraid to ask. Your input is necessary, and highly requested. I do hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Always a pleasure. Until next time ;)