The icy cold snow melts on my fingertips.

It's winter.

And somehow, my mind turns to you.

My mind always turns to you.

Winter love.

It's gorgeous.

But will it stay?

I slip my phone carefully out of my pocket as I stand on my porch with the crisp snowy air.

And I look at your picture.

I can't help but smile.

When the snow melts, the love fades.

That's what I've heard.

Just like summer love.

When the air chills, so does the love.

And when Valentine's Day is over, hearts are broken.

Why does love have to fade?

But I don't want this to be another seasonal love.

Maybe, this love can be real.

Maybe, this one will last.

There's hope.

Hope in the bright sun beaming on the new fallen snow.

Hope in the warm sun greeting the spring flowers.

Hope in the summer sun, giving us the best days,

And hope in the autumn sun, seeing over cool days.

Maybe this love will stay with the sun.