Bullying: A Bystanders Story


by Starsinger

I was bullied, and I had people, who were true friends, come to my side. I dedicate this to all who've been in my shoes, and come to my aid.

"Oops, you need to pick up your books," came the taunt. I winced as I heard the books behind me hit the floor.

"Oh, look, your hair's all frizzy." These girl's voices were starting to grate on my nerves.

"Your crush is looking at you!"

"None of your friends are coming to help you. That's because you don't have any friends!" I stared in the mirror. This was me years ago. The girls were the same girls, they didn't change, just their victim. Beth and Jane didn't change. I shut my locker door and turned around and straightened the pleats in my cheerleader's skirt. I even pulled the sweater into place and took a deep breath.

I walked over to the scene unfolding before me and helped the girl to her feet, her name was Kristina. She wasn't ugly, just overweight, and incredibly smart, a geek. My boyfriend, James, came over and helped pick up her books, tucking them into the crook of his arm. I confronted the two tormentors head on. "You two can find somewhere else to sit for lunch, Kristina is joining us from now on. I hate bullies, and you two are the worst sort."

I turned, leaving them speechless. Kristina and I had a class together, I made sure everyone knew what my stand was. I hate bullies.