They are lie

They are the words that can break the strongest ties

The falsities that can cause tears to be shed and so many cries.

All from one little lie

Once there were two children a girl and a boy

They were the best of friends.

Told each other everything

Were together all the time

Nothing wrong just yet

No lies not during these times

Then of course people assumed they liked each other

The girl pretended not to care even though it gave her quite a scare

The boy tried to stay calm but soon he was filled with remorse

All because of one little rumor one little lie

The two kept speaking and it only got worse

The whole grade thought they were a couple

Even though the boy had many other friends

And the girl might as well have been a shade

Things weren't the same

All because of one little lie

The two kept talking but not as much

The girl tried to make other friends

Tried and failed but tried

The girl failed in band and the boy laughed.

The girl almost cried

All because of one little lie

Eventually the boy came and said

"I'm sorry."

If he had stopped at that the world wouldn't have an end

Instead he kept going.

He said.

"We can't be friends."

The girl didn't cry instead she asked


She knew.

She knew it was all because of one little lie

A/N: This is based off of a true event. So my plea to any of my readers. I ask that you don't gossip it can really harm someone. The two kids were me and my best friend at the time.

The rumor actually was started two years ago and we still haven't really been able to talk about it or really talk for that matter.

It's sad because we used to be able to have conversations about anything.

Our most deep conversation now was

Me: "So, how do you know {my neighbor's name}


Me: Cool

{awkward silence.}

So don't gossip I beg of you.