You wear you glasses and they slip on your nose

But it doesn't matter because you always have it hidden by a binder

Your sandy hair sticks up and you talk while you chew at lunch

Every one says "Keep you mouth shut."

"I think your cute that way"

I think and hope I don't say it

In history you seem like a genius

In my mind you already are

You give me courage

If not much just a little

You teach me new things

And others see I'm hppier around you

I am happier but I'll never admit it

I vowed I'd never date

I vowed I wouldn't like anyone one bit

But you could be the one to change my mind

You already have

I don't want to fall for you

But I have and I can't stop

The grounds wet and I'm wearing socks

I stood my ground and pretended I wasn't

Then someone insulted you

"He's awesome!" I thought

Then realized I said it out loud.

My world was crashing down

Then the bell rang

Saved by the bell

You know I like you I can tell

Too bad you like another gal

There's no way we'll be together ever

But one can only hope

And one can only wish

But still amazing are you

A/N: I'm not much of a sappy person but this just came to me. Why are all my poems sad? Ugh!