Warning: Minor coarse language and suggestive themes.

Chapter 1

Jade Wilson had been caught doing a lot of things in school property before. She had been caught cheating, skipping, fighting, back talking and anything else you can think of. She had not however, been caught doing the dirty deed in an empty classroom with her ex-boyfriend, until that day.

Jade sighed, picking at the invisible dirt under her finger nails as Mrs. Sanchez yelled at her parents inside her office. The principal was clearly exaggerating but that was just Jade's opinion. So she violated another rule, they should just add it to her long on going record. It wasn't her fault that Mark grabbed her and dragged her into that empty classroom to apologize for being the asshole he always was. It was not her fault that his hands were magical and as soon as he touched her she gave in. And it definitely was not her fault that he knew how to make her mouth and body scream for him as if her life depended on it.

Just as she was about to get her release, the door had creaked open and they were caught by their math teacher who had heard her screams outside the door and mistook it for a cry for help.

So there she was sitting outside the principal's office listening to the principal scold her parents since the incident definitely wasn't her fault. Her parents weren't the only there. Mark's mother was in there as well getting a share of how to improve her parenting skills.

"So, Jade" The boy in question started with his signature smirk as he sat across from her. "Are we back together?"

She shot him a glare.

"Come on babe, I know you were enjoying it-"

"Shut up, Mark." She snapped. "And no, we are definitely not back together."

What happened between them was merely a lapse of judgment on her part. She hadn't forgotten why they had broken up in the first place. The bastard cheated on her with her ex-best friend and she let him touch her again. The thought disgusted her.

She made a mistake, one she wasn't going to let happen again. She was not going to waste her time on him anymore.


She looked over at him and noticed that she smirk had disappeared replaced by a look she rarely saw on him.

"I really am sorry," he said.

She didn't say anything but held his gaze for a while. She knew he meant it but she wasn't ready to forgive him, not just yet. Their gaze broke when the principal's door flew open and their parents all walked out. Mrs. Sanchez gestured her fingers toward her.

"Jade, come in please."

Jade stood up from her seat and walked toward the door, not failing to notice the disappointed looks coming from Mark's mother and her own mother. Obviously they all blamed her. At least her father didn't looking like he wanted to kill her. He reserved that look for Mark.

"Sit down please." Mrs. Sanchez said as she shut the door, gesturing to the chair in front of her desk.

Jade reluctantly sat. Sanchez was being calm but she knew better since she was just yelling at her parents less than five minutes ago. She took her own seat behind her desk and finally looked at Jade.

"Sex on school property, really jade?" Mrs. Sanchez got straight to the point.

Jade shrugged. "It wasn't...planned?" she said a little hesitantly. It was the truth. She never planned on hooking up with Mark again, especially on school grounds but when his lips touched that spot on her neck that he knew was her weakness, she was a goner.

Mrs. Sanchez shook her head. "I could expel you both for this, but since your parents begged me to come with some other punishment I'm reconsidering."

Jade let out a soft sigh, glad that expulsion was out of the way. She would have to thank her father later since he had probably used his persuasion skills from being an attorney to get her out of this. Punishment she could deal with.

"Since you aren't a part of any sports team or clubs, it's been agreed that you are to pick an organization to participate in to occupy yourself with afterschool. Mark Nelson is already part of the basketball team so he will have a different punishment. Your choices are drama club, student council or any language clubs. Which one will it be?"

Jade scowled. There was a reason she wasn't in any sports team or clubs. She didn't work well in groups or got along easily with other people. She also knew this was something she had no choice over. Besides, it was either that or get expelled. She didn't have long to consider her options and decided to just pick whichever one sounded appealing. "Student council, I guess."

Mrs. Sanchez nodded. "All right." She then picked up the phone and told the secretary to send someone in before facing Jade again. "This is the last straw Jade. I know I've said it before but if you mess up this time, there are no other chances, you understand?"

"Yes ma'am." She mumbled, trying not to roll her eyes.

"I need more than your words; I need you to show me."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and in walked in a guy wearing black slacks, a button up shirt and black rimmed glasses. "You wanted to see me, Mrs. Sanchez?" he asked closing the door after him.

Mrs. Sanchez smiled at him. "Yes, Ryan, meet Jade Wilson. Jade, this is Ryan Parker, student council president."

Jade met the guy's gaze and he shyly nodded at her. She turned her eyes back to the principal.

"Ryan, Jade will be joining student council and I want you to be her guide. Explain to her how everything goes." she then turned to Jade. "Jade you will listen to what Ryan has to say and do as he tells you. He will report back to me every few weeks and let me know if you are participating like I expect you to."

Jade nodded, eager to leave the school premises. She needed a shower.

"Ok, you are dismissed. Send in Mark, please."

Jade didn't waste any time jumping out the chair and stepping out the door as soon as Ryan opened it without much as a thank you. Her parents were still there waiting. "She wants to see you." she coldly addressed Mark before following her parents out in the hall.

Her mother ignored her as she rushed toward the exit, the sounds of her heels clinking against the linoleum floor. "Go get your stuff and meet us outside." her father calmly said.

Jade nodded, wondering if he was also disappointed in her and set out toward her locker. She was completely oblivious that someone was following her.


She looked over her shoulder and scowled. It was that Ryan kid. "What do you want?" she asked as she kept walking.

"Uh, I just wanted to let you know about the meetings, date and place." he said as he fell in step with her.

"So what are they?"

"We meet once a week every Monday at 3 room 259. Some weeks we meet twice, especially if there's an event or a deadline approaching."

She nodded absently. "Great, see you Monday." she waved him off and quickly reached her locker, got her stuff and walked outside toward her parents' car.

Her own car was on other side of the parking lot. Her mother finally looked at her, anger clearly evident of her face. "Get in your car and follow us home. I need to have a talk with you."

Jade rolled her eyes as if this was anything new. "Whatever." she walked toward her car, taking her sweet time. She got behind the wheels and followed the family car home. As she drove what occupied her mind wasn't the deed she had just done, the punishment she had just received or the impending doom awaiting her once she got home. All she could think about was how could a guy with a name like Ryan Parker look like that?

"Jade, you bad girl, you." Jasmine Rushmore said to her best friend as soon as she answered the phone.

"I guess you heard, uh?" Jade asked.

"Everyone heard!" Jasmine yelled. "It's all people are talking about."

"Yippee." Jade said in a monotone, adding an eye roll even though Jasmine couldn't see her.

Jasmine let out a laugh before finally getting serious. "So, are you back with him?"

Jade frowned, staring her reflection in her bathroom mirror. Is that what people thought? "What? No! It was just a-"

"One time thing?" Jasmine finished for her. "That's what you said the last time you two broke up."

"Last time he didn't fuck one of my friends."

Jasmine sighed. "She was mad, you know."

"Good. What did she expect, a relationship with Mark?"

Jade couldn't see her friend but she knew Jasmine was shrugging. "I guess."

"Fucking bitch."

Jasmine let out a sigh. "I don't like being in the middle of this."

"Then don't be."

"How, Jade? You know I'm completely on your side but we've all been friends for so long. I can't just...stop being her friend."

"Why the hell not? I did. She's a fucking whore who goes after her friends' boyfriends. Why would you want be her friend?"

Jasmine let out another sigh. "You don't understand."

"You're right, I don't."


"I have to go Jas. I'll talk to you later."

She hung up the phone and sighed, dropping down on her bed. Jade knew she was being unfair but she couldn't help it. The unfortunate event that led her to this predicament happened a week ago when as cliché as it sounds, she walked it on Mark and her friend Monica getting it on. There was the shock, then anger, and Mark running after her and her slapping him across the face and calling it quits. Then the next day there was a fight between her and her now ex friend who was still nursing a black eye and some bruises.

Now a week later she had given in on that same cheating son of a bitch for five minutes of fun and all she got for it was an after school extracurricular and an hour long lecture from her mother on her sexual escapades and contraceptives. Her father had escaped to his office and refused to be part of that talk. Now everyone in school knew what she had done, not that she was surprised. She was used to being a headline in her school.

"Jade!" Her door burst open and a younger version of her rushed in.

"Joyce!" Jade sat up from her bed and spread her arms out as her sister jumped into them. "Hey baby girl, how was school?"

"It was good, I got an A plus on my math test!" the little girl yelled excitingly, jumping up and down.

Jade smiled. "I knew you could do it, what did I tell you?"

"That I would do fine. Thanks for helping me study!" Joyce said.

"Of course, sweetie, anytime." Jade patted her little sister's head, a warmth spreading though her.

Joyce suddenly stood up and rushed toward the door. "I'm going to get a snack, want anything?'

Jade laughed but nodded. "Yes, please."

"Ok, I'll be back." Joyce rushed out of her sister room just as fast as she had come leaving Jade with a smile on her face. Joyce was a happy joyful girl who lighted up the room every time she walked in and she was the only person Jade would do anything for.

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