The wind whips a screaming howl

The water rushes with a vengeful vow

The cold cuts just like a knife

And they day fades into a haunting knife,

All since of hearing fades away,

As the world around you is replaced by

A rocking sway,

Further and further out you venture,

All because someone promised you

That this could be an "adventure"

You look over a wooden rail

And feel a gust of wind whip up a

Wind force like a gale.

The water laps up the post which

Hold up the bridge,

It sways beneath you

Making it known that at any moment

It may give.

The creak and cay with every step

And only God knows the waters

Rushing depth.

The maddens that led you out here

Has all but gone,

And your only thought now is you

Want to live to see another dawn.

You stumble and cling to the side

With a cast iron grip

Praying to heaven above you won't slip.

But the winds tug and pull

And water pushes, and swells like a swirling pool.

Your hair whips into your eyes

And that's when you realize

Someone else has to guide your steps

'else you'll plunge into the watery depths.

You hear another board splinter and break

And you foot searches out to find what was left in

Its wake.