She's the kind of person

You can't let go and grab again,

She's learned her lesson

Her fist's a clamp of iron.

If she grabs your hand,

You better hold tight,

'Cause she runs fast

And she doesn't wait.

You're still


To figure out

What's going on.

She's explaining,

But she's impatient,

And you're two steps


Hold tight,

Or she'll yank free,

And you'll be staring

At her iron fist,


Your handcuffs

Are her jewelry,

Your jail cell

Is her reprieve.

Her face;


Her eyes;


She's the one

Who grabbed your hand.

Stood by your side

And stood still

when you walked by.

(Without a glance.)

Now, you're back again

You have no friend,

You watch her hand

As it makes a fist,

And pushes you



Her face is still expressionless;

Her eyes as cold as ice.