You know I love you

And I don't mean to hurt you like this

And I want to protect you from me

And never break my promise

But I'm high and I'm bleeding

And everything's falling apart

And can't keep pretending I'm okay

But I can't break your heart

And my love won't do you any good

And it's sure as hell killing me

And I can't not take the pills

Or make the razor stop cutting me

You never say a thing

But you can always tell

When I call you up at 3 A.M

And say I'm doing well

You talk me down off a ledge

I won't even admit is there

And when we hang up

You pray I start to care

About how my life

And if I'm sober enough to live it

And about you

And you pray one day I'll miss it

And I'll come back

I'll come home before I drown

And I'll stop taking pills

And put the razor down

But I don't think that will happen

But you won't stop pleading

And I can't help you anymore

Because I'm high and bleeding