Fred went to his brother's room and saw that Fred had left a lot of candy in there for himself to eat, but Fred couldn't help it, so he got a hold of it and ate three Snickers bars, three bags of M&M's, and a Hershey's bar. He didn't go to bed at nine 'clock that evening because he was feeling a little sick. Fred heard his brother walk into the apartment ten minutes later. He knocked on his brother's bedroom door.

"You don't look so good, bro. What happened when I was gone?" Fred asked his twin.

"You won't like what happened if I told you," Freddy said.

"I'm all ears," Fred said.

Freddy told his brother what happened a couple of hours earlier.

"You know you're not supposed to eat that stuff, Freddy. That's why you got so sick. Now your blood sugar is high. Did you test it?"

"No. It's too high anyway to test it."

"Do it anyway. I could put you in the emergency room any minute now because of all that candy," Fred heard his brother say.

Fred watched his brother test his blood sugar and they saw the number was really high because of the chocolate he had gotten into not long ago that evening.

"That's why it was in your room, Fred. I could get into it if you're not there," Freddy told his brother.

"It's been so long since I had my last bite of chocolate," Freddy told his twin brother.

"We know, but still you can't have it. Not even today," Fred told him, dialing the emergency room number.

Fred drove his brother to the emergency room just then. He told the doctor in charge that Freddy was diabetic and what had happened. The doctor didn't like to hear that, so he told Fred that he would keep Freddy there a while until they do something about the candy Freddy had gotten into.

Fred rushed to the telephone in the kitchen and decided to call the 911 number and see what the doctor could do about his twin brother. Fred reported to Kylie, his niece about his calling for the ambulance.

"Uncle Fred, that isn't like Dad, but it's taking us time to get used to the diabetes routine. I'll meet you at the hospital," Kylie told her uncle.

"Okay. I'll go with him since I'd like to see what the doctor wants to do."

"Great idea. I'll pass the news on to the girls."

Kylie put the phone back in the receiver.

"Girls!" Kylie called.

Daphne, Heather and Claudia were in the house, so Kylie didn't need to pick up the phone to ask the girls to come on over.

Heather spoke up first.

"What is it, Mom?" Heather asked.

"There is news."

"What sort of news do you want to share with us?" Claudia asked.

Daphne didn't say anything, since she didn't think of anything to say quite yet.

"Your Uncle Fred just called. He's headed for the hospital. Grandpa had a problem with his diabetes."

'This isn't good news at all. I wonder why we're receiving this news with Christmas on the way,' Daphne thought to herself.

"I'll be praying for our family, Mom," Daphne spoke up.

"With times like this, Grandpa could use prayers," Kylie said as Claudia and Heather agreed.

"I just got an idea," Daphne said.

"What's that, dear?"

"I'm thinking of adding us to the prayer request list at the Church of the Messiah."

"Wonderful idea! At least there's going to be more prayers added beside our own," Heather said.

"I'll let you know when I share it with the church."

"No need to tell us. Go do what you need to do," Kylie told her.

Note: Freddy Jones belongs to the Scooby Doo Cartoon. I own his twin brother. I know this will be a bit confusing between the two but the two are identical twins so that is what my Fred Jones looks like to the original. I thought I would point it out. Sorry I didn't post this before Christmas or on Christmas. I felt a bit lazy but I had time to do some of this today so hope you all had a late Merry Christmas!