He was the high school senior and I was just the silly freshman girl. He was the drum major and I was just the drummer. He was the popular one that everyone loved and I was just there. There were so many differences between us, so many that I couldn't keep count. But out of the entire band, he noticed me. He saw me for who I was and the best part was he liked me. When he started noticing me, the entire band noticed me as well and I find myself to be at the center of attention.

He was so nice to me, he actually made me feel like I belonged. He made it to where the band was my second family. I was no longer shy, no longer the quiet little freshman, I had friends and we had a lot of fun. But those fun times ended at bandcamp real fast. Bandcamp was what made those possible four years of high school almost unbearable for me. Those four years that I was so hopeful that they would be the ones I would look back on. But I was wrong. I was very wrong