Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest full of beautiful weeping trees, roses of every color, the most rare and delicate flowers, lived a man and a woman who were deeply in love. They lived in a small house the man built himself when they were just seventeen. It was painted white with big windows and a wraparound porch. Just has she had dreamed of. The man loved her so much; he brought her a white rose freshly picked from a nearby field every day in the afternoon when they would sit together for tea and freshly baked biscuits. Every day. But one day he came home to her, to give her the rose, and found her dead on the floor, her blood surrounding her, staining her white dress and blond hair. The rose fell to the ground staining itself red in her blood. For days he laid next to her staining his cloths red in her blood and cried. He promised her he would never leave her side. After a while he laid her in a pile of wood with a white rose in her delicate hands and set her on fire. He stood and stared. Stood and stared. His heart filled with anger. He vowed never to feel again. He lived in the house for thirty years until he set it on fire and let himself burn with it. It burned to the ground. It is said his soul still haunts the forest to this day.

Unknown P.O.V

Run, run, run, run, run…

My heart beats franticly.

Run, run, run, run…

The branches of the surrounding forest claws at my once beautiful dress, its cruel wind twists my hair.

Run, run, run…

Traitorous tears run away from my icy colored eyes. Not now I tell them.

Run, run…

I turn to look back.


I trip and fall. My hands bury into the moist earth as my body hits the ground. Only then do I turn to meet my fate.

3rd Person

A young woman and her husband casually stroll through a park. The woman with her swollen stomach wore a simple blue dress, with her pale hair pulled up into a braid wanted to go for a walk before they left the town for good. The park had a fountain sat in the middle, which lured people in to make foolish wishes there were also simple tall lights lighting up the marked sidewalk. People warned if you strayed from the path you would be washed in darkness. The woman continued on while her husband stood back to talk to another gentleman who caught his attention. She sees the children playing off in the distance and the young woman smiles and rests her small hands on her swollen stomach, but a noise from the forest catches her attention. She looks back to her husband, but he's too much into his conversation. She turns back around and takes a few steps toward the forest, longing so much to go back, remembering all the memories she's had there. In the forest.

She cautiously walks until she finds a tree and rests her gloved hands on it. From there she stares off into the mythical forest. She gently lays a hand on her stomach, she speaks, "Leto, where are you?"

She is given no answer and as a renegade tear runs down her face she looks down to see a white rose at her feet. She picks it up and lifts it to her nose to smell, then lifts her gaze to the hidden bushed nearby and sees a pair of glowing eyes and dark hair. She looks away for a moment and removes a simple silver ring she wore on her right hand and sets it on the ground, "To remember us by." She says shakily as their baby kicks.

As she turned and walked away she said without looking at him, "Goodbye."

She walks away without another glance behind her.

But with every step she takes a small crack decorates her heart. So she puts on a fake smile and holds back her tears to meet again with her husband.