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Farren's P.O.V

One morning a while later I woke up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain the next morning. I looked over towards my window to confirm what I heard. I stared out the window from my bed for a moment just watching the rain roll down the window. It somehow reminded me of Leto. I shook my head.

Quickly I sat up in my bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes before draping my legs over the side. I went to stand but a quick pain shot in my head.

My eyes widened as I dropped to the floor on my knees clutching my throbbing head, "What?"

"Delilah!" A child's voice yelled happily.

"Farren!" Another replied back.

"Cassius, I want to make a deal with you!"

"I want to break—"

All of a sudden it stopped and the voices and pain went away and I felt a painful longing to see Leto. I rubbed my eyes, "What the hell was that? Am I going crazy?" I stood from my spot on the floor rubbing my head. I decided to get dressed. I put on my favorite cotton blue dress, the one I wore almost all of the time.

I walked out of my room and was shocked when my lips were against someone else's. I pulled away and tilted my head, "What are you doing?"

Sam stood up straight and smiled softly, "Just kissing you. I can't kiss my future wife now?" He looked at me with those mossy green eyes. I only wanted Leto's chocolate ones.

I smiled a little and shook my head and look towards the living room, "Have you by chance seen my mother?"

Sam draped a towel over his left shoulder, "Yeah, actually she wanted to talk to you I think. She's just outside the back door."

I kissed him on his clean shaven cheek and left to go find my mother. I walked towards the back of the house through the living room and dining area and towards the porch.

I saw my mother leaning against the wet railing outside with a solemn look on her face.

My mother had had me later in life, when she was 37. I wasn't exactly a planned child. After my parents had had both of my sisters they thought they were done. But 15 years later bam! Here I was. My oldest sister, Mary, was already grown and was engaged to a man name Ralph. I didn't interact with them much and we didn't have a very good relationship with each other because of that. My other sister, Camille, who was 15 at the time, played with me and took me everywhere with her. I loved her the most. We used to go on picnics in the sun and play in the park. But unfortunately she disappeared when I was 6 years old and she was 21. She left everything behind. They speculated that she had somehow died, but I refused to believe it. My father took it the worst. He drank all the time and passed away when I was 11. His name was Max.

I opened the glass door and walked up next to my mother. She was once a very beautiful woman with strange violet colored eyes. Those violet eyes ran in the family, my sister Camille had them but sadly they had skipped over me. My eyes took after my father's. I don't remember much of his eyes though; I can only picture them closed, like he was sleeping. Although she was still beautiful the years had been rough on her and weighed down on her sagging shoulders. I remember, after Camille left, the light had stopped shining in her eyes.

"Mother?" I called out hesitantly.

She turned towards me slowly and rested her pointed chin in her hand. Her silvering hair fell around her shoulders like a cape, "Farren. You really have grown up haven't you?"

I raised an eyebrow, "I suppose…"

"Come here." She quickly walked over to me and through her thin arms around my shoulders, hugging me.

I hugged her back. What's gotten in to her?

"What's wrong mother?" I whispered.

I ran her cold hand down my pale hair, much like her own, "I've seen you running off more and more lately."

My eyes widened, "I hav-ve?"

She chuckled softly and released me, "I already know everything. You can't hide anything form me, I'm your mother."

We both laughed at that.

"I reckon that you still have the better part of the day to go and see him." She said softly.

I blinked a few times, "What? How-"

She rested her hand on my arm and smiled, "Go to him. He needs you. Be with him while you can. I won't tell Sam. I promise. Just be… careful. Please?"

My mouth fell open in shock, "What?! You actually want me to go?!"

My mother chuckled and pushed me away, "Yes, now go. Tell him how you feel before he gives up on you."

I smiled and hugged my mother, "I will." Then I ran out the door without even brushing my hair.

Emily's P.O.V

I watched my youngest daughter run out of the house as fast as she could.

I sighed, that child is special. I don't like that man. I fear that he may be dangerous, but I cannot change what fate has in store for the two of them. For they are connected by a bond so strong a god's will could not break it. This is the first step towards the end.

Farren's P.O.V

I ran blindly through the rain. I ran past all the fruit stands the small children playing in the rain, and a small dark haired girl about my age staring at me. Did she know me? She probably thinks I'm a fool. But I don't care, I need to see him.

I ran through the park and through the damp mud and trees, which wicked branches scratched my face. I didn't stop until I saw his front door.

I ran up the steps and banged on his door, "Leto!" I shouted.

"What's wrong? Farren!?" Leto opened the door wearing only a towel. I pushed on his chest and he let me push him back into the house and shut the door. With his left hand he brushed his wet black hair back from his eyes.

He sighed and smiled, "Give me a minute to let me get dressed."

"Ok." I said quietly and sat down on the small white sofa.

I had felt this painful sensation in my gut to come here and see him. I don't think I could've if my mother hadn't told me to go.

What's wrong with me? I wrapped my arms around my middle as I waited for Leto. Can I not take action by myself? Am I really this weak?

Leto came out of his room as I was pondering these questions. He wore a pair of clean jeans and a black button up with none of the buttons done. I bit my lip and looked away, hugging myself tighter.

As he sat next to me I could still smell whatever soap he had used in his hair.


My head shot up as I blushed a bit, "Oh yes? Sorry, I spaced out for a moment."

He smiled one of those breathtaking smiles and that's when I started crying.

Gently Leto grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him and held me against his chest. He put one arm around my head the other around my arms and waist. "Shhh. It's ok. I got you." He said gently. My small fists clutched the sides of his soft black shirt as I cried and he held me to him.

I wiped my eyes a bit and looked up at him, "I'm sorry."

He ran his strong hand through my hair, "Why are you sorry? You're the one crying."

I looked up towards his hansom face that was smiling down at me.

That when I couldn't hold back anymore and I just did it. I let my heart give in.

My lips forcefully crashed into his as a put my hand around his neck. He quickly took the lead and kissed me back with more passion.

I pulled away embarrassed and leaned my head against his chest, "I shouldn't have done that." I groaned, "I'm sorry, again."

He lifted my face up to look into his eyes, "Don't be sorry for doing the things that you want to do."

I bit my lip and looked away; his hand fell from my chin and wiped some stray tears from my face, "So what has you running into the forest and to me crying? Did someone upset you?"

I really didn't know how to tell him that I just had this gut urge to be with him and my mom told me to go before it was too late.

I shook my head, "I just wanted to see you." I looked out through the back window at the rose garden and the cherry blossoms trees that were now in bloom.

I felt Leto cup my face with his large hand and gently turned my face to face his own, "Are you sure?"

I nodded.

He ran his thumb over my check where another tear fell, "Can I kiss you?"


Leto did as he had asked, and as he was kissing me I felt myself leaning back on the sofa. Soon enough I was completely lying down, while we kissed.

I suddenly felt very tired.

"Leto?" I asked.

He stopped kissing my neck, "mhm?"

I felt my eyes closing.

"Farren?" he brushed my hair back.

I sighed, "I'm tired."

The last thing I felt was his arms carrying me off somewhere.

I woke up a sometime later in an unfamiliar bed. I was still fully clothed, save for my shoes which had been taken off and set beside the bed. I rolled over to the other side expecting to see Leto. But there was no sign of him. I looked like he hadn't even touched the other side.

I got up slowly and slipped my shoes on. I walked through the small house looking for him. When I didn't find him I walked outside I called out, "Leto!" But I got no answer.

I walked a little ways into the forest and from a distance I saw a tall dark figure, "Leto!" I called out to it.

When it turned towards me, it was most defiantly not Leto.