Audria stood in the dressing room looking into a mirror that took up the entire wall. A girl, around the age of 15 looked back at her. The girls face was expertly painted with makeup. Her long auburn hair coiled up into an intricate bun. She was in the process of being put into and equally plain gown. It was made of flowing green fabric that was so light, it seemed to fly every time the girl took a step.

But that wasn't Audria. This girl was young and looked perfect. Audria felt old and marred. She felt imperfect.

She sighed as she headed out the door and to the party. She didn't even know why she had to attend. "You'll meet new people. Maybe a fiancé to be an heir to our estate." Her mother always said. But she didn't want to. That seemed like the only thing people needed her for. They just wanted to use her so they could be an heir to the Stam estate.

She arrived at the party, she was glad to know that she stood out from the crowd. Most people wore reds or blacks. Their hair tucked into a simple braid or bun. All of them smiling and laughing.

Bianca Haviaras, another girl with an estate hanging over her head, walked up to her. She was wearing a strapless red dress that contrasted with her dark skin and black hair. She gave a big toothy grin. "Hi Audy!" Audria could never tell if Bianca liked her or not. All the things she said could be either mocking her or trying to be trendy and cute. "Meet Colt. He's part of the Dowler estate. Not a direct descendant, like uncles cousin or something. Why don't you two catch up?" Bianca turned on her heel and waltzed away with her heavily padded dress bouncing behind.

Audria put on one of her fake smiles. "Hello Colt."

Colt tussled his already mussed up hair. "Uh, hi. I'm not really a cousin of an uncle of the Dowlers. I'm part of a co-family. The Ullman's. We've served the Dowlers for a few generations." He gave a nervous laugh.

Audria gave an almost real smile. She liked this boy. He seemed nervous but it was clear he had no reason to be. HE looked poised, sophisticated, and charming. Audria stuck out a hand. "I'm Audria. Part of the Stam estate. I'm not a cousin or any thing like that either."

"Ah, I remember you. You went on vacation with the Dowlers. Something being a perfect match for Delbert."

Audria sighed. "Yes. Delbert. I'll be engaged to the slob if i don't find a fiancée at this party."

A enormous blob tried to squeeze it's way though the crowd of well dressed people looking for heirs or fiancé's to their estates. Finally it appeared in front of the two.

"Hello Delbert" Any trace of a smile left Audria's face.

"Hello dear Aubrey." He gave a sneer to Colt. "What are yo doing talking to MY help? Oh. Perhaps your trying to see if he'll let you in to my room for a late night kiss?" He wiggled his large eyebrows at the thought.

Audria nearly gagged. "We were just talking. Also, my name's Audria."

"I like Aubrey better!" She couldn't believe it. was this over grown baby going to throw a fit in the middle of party?
She rolled her eyes. "Fine, call me Aubrey."

"That's better my love." He made his chubby fingers walk up her arm.

"Just because our family's want us to get together doesn't mean we are lovers."

"But Aubrey, our estates are are one of the few estates that can actually be seen on a world map. And so close together. It's destiny."

"I don't believe in destiny." It was getting harder and harder for Audria to keep a straight face. She hated interacting with the blob called Delbert.

"Well, if there was no such thing as destiny, how come we're getting married next Sunday?"

Audria wanted to glare at the twerp but she maintained her composure and manners. "Delbert, we aren't getting married."

He waved a fat finger in her face mockingly. "Not so fast. I remember planning a wedding. I think we agreed that we'd call it off if you found someone else by tonight. That doesn't seem likely because the only person you have talked to is the help. Certainly you don't plan on marrying him, do you?"

She gulped, realizing he was right. She would rather die than marry that fool.

"Excuse me a moment." She hurried out the door.

It was now raining, dark angry clouds swirled ahead as a girl dressed in green fled the building. Soon she came upon a tall gray building left from 100 years ago. Back when countries still existed and war raged the Earth. This would be the perfect place.

She climbed all the way to the roof of the building. She unpinned her hair and took of her shoes. Tenderly she stepped to the edge. The fierce winds blew back her hair. She stood arms spread out, taking in the world.

"No one cares." She whispered to herself trying no to disturb the beauty of the world. "I'm just a play thing. A bribe to get a bigger estate. I can never get out. All my emotions are trapped. I can never get out."

It was true. Audria was raised to be pretty and to never show any emotion unless it was happiness. Other girls would express by pouring their hearts into a craft. That wouldn't work for Audria, she was a bland girl.

"Only through death can I escape."She took the fatal step off the fifty story building.

A/N: I feel a need to explain the world they are in. In is about 100 years in the future. It's basically Victorian. Women have no rights, all technology isn't what it is today. People always dress formally. Men must wear suits. Women must wear dresses that reach their feet. Manners are always there.

What happened with he countries is that they were replaced by estates. Rich people have estates. You can conquer other estates to become larger and the conquered family, or co-family, is treated like high class servants. If you are poor, you can become work for an estate thus making them bigger. There isn't money. It got destroyed after all the estates bought their land. Each estate must provide and exchange with other estates.

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