Colt got up that morning with a plan in mind. He would start the revolution of the era. He had read about other successful revolutions, their successes and failures. He was ready to change the odd government that scared every one, not that they would admit it.

He very well couldn't start in in this place. He was just a low life servant. He was glad that he woke up before every one else for this particular reason. He walked into the staff kitchen and took some food from the cupboards. Plenty of water and dried meat. fruits and a little bread. He put it all in a bag he had previously filled with some clothing. Now, he was ready. Before anyone else was awake enough to realize he was leaving, he left. Towards the market place people gathered in to sell goods.

Once he got there, he immediately hid in the back of a print shop. The shopkeeper was busy copying text by hand to notice. In the back of the shop, Colt set out to work. He made flyers saying,

'Keep secrets from the Header?


Keep feelings to yourself?


They know too much.'

simple, but it would draw attention. There had to be more people out there who thought like him. The government knew too much. Eventually they would know every aspect of your life, even more than you. He didn't want that, there had to be some sort of privacy in the wold. Like they talked about in the history books.

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