They say you're supposed to love them no matter what.

They say no matter what they do you should keep them close.

Well, you know what else they say?

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closed.

That's what families are, constant reminders that you could be better, work harder, do more.

They're always there to throw sand in your eyes when you've been trampled on.

Sure they'll stand up to bullies for you but that's only so there's more of you to destroy – you know some animals eat their young at birth.

There'd be no families with out a few lies. But families never lie to spare your feelings, they lie for gain.

Families never notice anything wrong with you – that all the name calling and mean words actually hurt, until it's too late, until the human that once occupied the space has gone so far inside itself it's disappeared. All they are now is an empty shell, a non-human, a distant memory of a real human being.

It tends to be a friend who sorts, the now, empty shell out but most the time the friends can't be bothered to do anything, that's if they look deep enough to notice something's wrong.

I don't think a strange accident in the bedroom should make two humans brother and sister, it means they're siblings – a connection between two human beings – being a brother or a sister takes a lot more work, work that most people have little time for, work that most people are too scared to attempt with fear of what's on the other side of that mountain.