AN: I'd like to thank xXTheOtakuFaeryXx for being an amazing friend, as well as helping me with this story. Thanks, it means a lot.

To tell the truth, he didn't know why he was out on this day. He already knew that everyone would more than likely be at home, celebrating the holidays with their families, all warm and cozy in front of their fireplaces. Today was a day to be thankful for, be happy; a day to spend time with the ones you love. With no one to love, with no one to spend such a merry day with, he found himself alone in the cold, just wanting to get another pack of cigarettes. Of course the drug store was going to be closed today, but still, he might as well make sure with his own eyes. Really, today was like any other to him, so he treated it as such. The once busy city streets seemed desolate and lonely. Buried beneath the white snow, it seemed so forgotten by this world. Leaning against the side of the building, he let out a deep sigh. He felt very much like this street, buried and forgotten. How low a man is to be comparing his self to the street, he thought to himself. A small sound broke the silence of the world. The sound of someone sneezing seemed to snap him out of his state of wallowing in self-pity.

To his right, inside the alley that resided beside the drug store, sat a small girl. Her knees were pulled to her chest and her head was buried in them, looking miserable and dirty. Although he hated to admit this, seeing such an awfully low person like this made him feel a little bit better about his self, albeit at the same time, disgusting him with how terrible a man he is to have such a thought. He took a few steps toward the girl, but, she made no notice of his presence. Removing his thick winter jacket, he wrapped the poor and fragile girl in it, to which, she finally responded.

Surprised, she started, "W-who are you? What do you want?"

"Nothing…you looked cold…" He looked at this trembling girl, deathly frightened and looking almost broken. Her eyes were blank and dull, but they spoke a lot about her. She was just a child, she was scared. She was tired as evident by the large bags beneath her eyes. Before long, he noticed that they both had just been staring in each other's eyes for some time with no one really talking; an awkward pause between the two.

Embarrassed, she looked down. "T-thank you…"

"Mind if I sit down?"

She looked up, a bit surprised at his question. Without waiting for an answer, the man sat across from her, leaning his head against the brick wall of the alley, he closed his eyes. Again, silence hung in the air as the two just sat together. And once again, the girl looked down, this time out of feeling awkward rather than embarrassment. The man opened his eye slightly, wanting to get a good look at the girl. She now sat up a bit, rubbing her bare feet with her hands, trying to warm them. Her feet were cut and bloody and, just as she is, filthy. He closed his eye again.

"Would you like to come over…you know, to get out of the cold?"

The girl looked up once more and opened her mouth to say something, but when no words came out, she just gave a slight nod. The man let out a deep breath, relieved that this girl actually accepted his help. Sure, it was a long shot, asking someone you don't know to come over. Really, he didn't think she would accept, but honestly, he would've felt terrible turning a blind eye to someone like her out in the cold. All he really knew is that she needs help, and thankfully, she accepted his. He rose to his feet, much easier than the girl opposite him who seemed to struggle to so much as move. She was tired and weak, that much was clear.

He reached down to her, offering his hand as he said, "My name is Conner."

She seemed to study his hand before eventually taking it in hers, responding, "Thank you…I-I'm Emily…"

Yes…this was all he could do for now, offer a helping hand to someone who desperately needs it…