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After all, I'm just a rebound, that's why he came to me. He needed to move on even though he didn't want to. But it was the first time in the whole time that I've been a rebound that I've seen eyes like his. I wanted him happy, I'll do my best to do that and make sure not to fall for those eyes.

Beatrice Langdon is known as the rebound girl and takes care of guys until they're ready to have a steady relationship with a girl. Sebastian Peters just got his heart broken by the girl he believed he loved and was introduced to Beatrice. There was something different about Sebastian but Beatrice was just a rebound, right?

Exits And Entrances

R. Biscuit

She's like a rock,

And you keep chipping off a piece to hold on to.

And there's got to be, got to be

Something more than this

In a life full of exits and entrances.

-Exits and Entrances We Are The In Crowd

Chapter 1

The club was pumping in the night with different colored lights was the only source of light in the room. The girl was sipping her rum coke, looking at a boy behind her blonde tresses. Her lips formed a small smile that lingered when that said man started to approach another girl. He greeted her and she returned with a smile.

It's not normal to feel this way, she told herself over and over again but she was proud of him. It was true, a normal girl would feel hurt or even bitter that her ex-boyfriend could just move on in a snap but Beatrice didn't feel like that at all.

Some people may find it odd how Beatrice Langdon acts, but to people who knew her, they understood where she's coming from. One would think that Beatrice would never find a hard time to find herself a guy to settle with but it was never the case. She was pretty, smart, and nice, something people would usually take advantage on. But it was always a taboo that she's called the rebound girl.

Guys who knew what she does go ahead and give her a friend who just had their heart broken so she can take care of him and get him to move on faster. She was the perfect person to be the girl who becomes the rebound, and she knew that.

He didn't know why he was standing in a crowded room with a sea of strangers trying to grind on each other and drinking alcohol as soon as they see it. He sat beside the bar, drinking every shot and bottle he's been given. Sebastian Peters didn't want to be here at all. His girlfriend just broke up with him a week ago and he wanted to wallow in his sorrow alone.

"You're becoming such a sissy, Seb." Yelled his companion, Rhys Meyer after emptying his second bottle of beer.

Sebastian groan at his whining friend. "She was different, ugh." And she was. His ex-girlfriend, Maia was his first long time girlfriend who thought that he wasn't the one and just left him hanging without further explanation.

"Yeah, and she changed your ways, blah, blah, blah. I know that and you know what you need right now?"

He narrowed his eyes at his friend questioning him about his thoughts in this situation.

"A rebound, and I know just who is newly available." Rhys's eyebrows wiggled suggestively. His eyes caught a familiar blonde, just the person he was talking about.

Sebastian glared at his friend whose attention had obviously been deterred from him. He followed his friend's train of sight only to find a girl, standing by one of the scattered tables quietly sipping her drink. Her blonde hair on her head bobbed to the beat with a small grin playing on her lips. "Her?"

Rhys smirked, "Yes, her." He glances at his friend only to look back at the girl. "Don't you know who she is?"

Sebastian shook his head. "Do I need to?"

His smirk got wider to a full mischievous grin. "That's Beatrice Langdon, the rebound chick.

He looked at him with a look of doubt and surprise. "You want me to get a rebound? Won't that hurt her feelings?"

At that statement, Rhys shook his head violently at his naïve companion. "Nope, that's what she does. She let's guys go out with her as a boyfriend but as soon as she knows that the guy has moved on, she'll break up with them."

"Hey, Beatrice." She looked behind her only to see sky blue eyes.

She quickly smiled at the familiar face and said a quick salutation. "Rhys! What a surprise." She said in a sarcastic manner. She knew that Rhys Meyer would be here in every free time he had.

"Ouch," he brought a hand over his chest to exaggerate the sting he didn't really feel. "Well, I'm here to ask you if you could hook up with my friend who goes to our school. Is that okay with you?" His thumb was gesturing to another male form beside him.

His brunette friend shifted his weight to his other foot, quite unsure of what he's doing. As soon as his eyes made contact to her brown ones, she frowned at how blue it was. Boys who would approach her in this business always held the same dull, weary eyes. His were piercing blue pools that she couldn't help but for the first time hate to see how sad they were.

She tried to smile at him and thrust her hand towards him, "Hi, I'm Beatrice."

He shook her hand gently and gave her a weary smile. "Sebastian." He looked beside him to see Rhys in the middle of the dance floor already, grinding to a girl. He made a disgusted look on his face. "I'm sorry about him.

Beatrice awkwardly chuckled, "Nah, I know the likes of him."

Likes of him? He asked himself. "You don't like players?" He voiced out with wide eyes.

She eyed him curiously. "I don't know. I've never dated one." And it was the truth. She never dated a player because they move on fast that they didn't need her help at all.

"Uhm, look, I'm not sure about this." He started as he scratched the back of his neck.

She gave him an amiable smiled. "How about this: I'll wait for you around lunch time in the café near the western wing of the school tomorrow. Come if you're interested. And if you're not, it's okay."

He nodded his head still unsure of what to tell her.

She showed him her teeth in her smile and glanced at her friend gesturing her that it was time to leave. "It was nice meeting you, Sebastian. I have to go. Have fun!" She quickly made a beeline to her friend while waving goodbye to a possible new boyfriend.

She reached Lisa Reeves only to be pulled out and questioned. "Who were you talking to?"

"I think it's-if I got his name right-Sebastian." She murmured to the smaller girl.

"Sebastian Peters?" Lisa asked exasperatedly.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess? He's friends with Rhys Meyer."

Lisa nodded her head. "That's him! Why were you talking to him?"

"Rhys asked me to go out with Sebastian." Beatrice said flatly.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. "No way! Sebastian is a player. What does he need your help for?"

Lisa being her friend and roommate knew everything, and accepted every fact there is about Beatrice's status in her relationship. But again, Beatrice just shrugged. "I really have no idea but he sure look like every other guy out there who tried to talk to me about this before. Something must have been different about the girl if he couldn't let go."

Lisa too shrugged her shoulders, clueless that the mighty Sebastian Peters just asked her friend to be his rebound, for what? "Do you think he's just asking you out so he could just go on with his whorish ways and say that he had gotten you in the list of girls falling for him?"

Beatrice guffawed at the idea. "Well, I'm going to see first if he would want to go out with me first. He didn't seem too sure about himself a while ago."

Her friend gave up with a sigh, "I guess we'll know tomorrow, right?"

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