New Year's Eve

Inside everything is cozy and hazy

everyone packed together in celebration.

Barks of laughter and cheer fill the air

even as we need to leave to our own home.

When the young ones are asleep on their feet,

our leader decides its time for us to leave.

The ritual of hugs and kisses goodbye

are as comforting as the light of inside.

The cold air is a startling change, and

leaving the warmth of inside is hard to bear.

There is comfort in numbers though

as we travel like a pack of wolves.

We are not sure if we are the danger

others talk about or if we should be scared.

Piles of snow seem like mountains

and street lights become the moon.

Everything is more beautiful as

we are enjoying the night together.

Familiar territory turns into a maze

but half the fun becomes finding our way.

The haziness and slight confusion

all becomes part of the game.

Somehow everyone makes it home

and trades the exciting chill of outside

for the safe warmth of sleep.