Fatherless girl and boy

I never understood the affair my dad had with a drink

But I would soon learn I'd been hood winked

In the years I would need him most

There'd be hardly anything left of him inside

Coin be flipped and my mom provide

Drink in one hand and disorder in the other

We'd become fatherless girl and her mother

Hit and dragged a few blocks down

He lay alone without a sound

Open his eyes to see his mom there

But soon to see the game play unfair

Learning to walk again would be easy compared

To the heart that would need to be repaired

Emotional scars ran deeper

Just having his dad around be cheaper

But now no price could be paid

For the picture of his father that now began to fade

Abandoned in one hand and broken in the other

He'd become fatherless boy and his mother

Women are strong and men are weak

Watch him scream and yell and lose his temper

But as I grew and changed, I'd shine like amber

Bond between father and daughter was lost

To earn a place in my world

As each of my dreams are impearled

Be strong and continue to fight

From life's experience, he'd be so right

He wish he may, he wish he might

Catch that minute, that twilight

A moment when he'd get to shine

And someone appreciate his design

A letter tell him his dad would never be around

From dust to dust he'd go back to the ground

Bond between father and son was lost

And now there's no dad to pay the cost

To earn a place in his world

As each of his dreams are impearled

Fatherless girl meet fatherless boy

And become empty spaces decoy

He's my art, my love for it

He makes my world moonlit

And I see the reflection of his potential

And any blocks he had that needed to be unlocked

Were mental

Or so I thought until I held his scarred heart

And this the part you see the true art



We get a chance to rewrite history

With our own poetry

Create our own family

Start anew

And together our dreams come true

No fatherless girls or boys

Just cowboys and tomboys

And when a son falls

A dad to pick him up

And a father that's not afar but closeup

The fatherless girl and boy have a chance to make I right

As their silhouette is born in the sunlight