Ever flowing,

It is like water.

Ever changing,

From one to the next.

It is seen

By every person.

What does it mean

For every person?

It is a vain thing,

A poison

A money thing,

For us.

It is a natural thing,

A wonder

A spiritual thing

For them.

It is a musical thing

Pure genius

A short thing

For them.

For us, we need

Make up and scents

For us, we need

Jewels and money

For them, they need

Bowl-cut hair

For them, they need

Feathers and piercings

For them, they need

Music and song

For them, they need

The forest and celebration

It is a cultural thing,

For everyone.

It is a person thing,

That's hard to find.

It's the way we do our hair.

How is yours?

Long, short, barely there?

But beautiful all the same.

It's the way we decorate our skin.

How is yours?

Make-up, paint, or clay?

But beautiful all the same.

It's the way we mark,

Tattoos and paints.

And if you're dark,

Scars and piercings.

It changes from me to you

We're all different.

It's something only you know how do to.

We're all the same.

It might be the way you pierce.

What does it mean?

Are you fierce?

Or do you just belong.

Beauty has meaning,

For us all.

It's all about seeing,

If you have the gall.