Chapter 1 : The invitation

It was a normal school day and it was lunch time. Katelynn were in the corridor talking with her mate when a boy with brown curly hair and perfect green eyes came over , you knew him from in your classes but you never talk to him Harry you think the name is, before you could carry on thinking he gave you an envelope with your name on it then walked away. You looked at your friends and they said " Well open it !" You opened it and it was an invitation to his birthday as you read it the girl who you've always hated took it out your hands and read it. Her face went red as she looked at you " EVEN YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED! WELL IM TELLING YOU THIS IF YOU COME STAY AWAY FROM HIM HE'S MINE AND IM GOING TO ASK HIM TO GO OUT WITH ME AND IF YOU GET IN THE WAY YOUR DEAD!" you answered only with a nod as she threw it on the floor and walked off. you picked it up and looked at your mates then the bell rang for lessons.