Remember that silly old song?

Ninety-nine bottles

Of beer on wall

Remember our useless

Childlike games

Before the two of us grew tall

And forgot each others names

When we could do no wrong

And before we knew the meaning

Of that silly old song

Because now when i sing it aloud

I think of our vow

To the times we said best friends forever

But now all I hear is


Cause in my heart

I know better than to think

Its only a few verses

Talking about walls

And mere beer

It seems to me

That every new line

And every bottle taken

Is just a passage of time

Every bottle down

is just a piece of us breaking

And the small talk we have now

Is only us faking

Slowly but surely

Soft and steady

Everything we once had

Begins to disappear

In front of our very own eyes;

And Now that i think about it

Our friendship only last

On a few more lines

Ten more bottles of beer

Left on the wall

And now I'm left to wonder

Do you even care at all?

Take one down

Pass it around

Nine bottles of beer on the wall

Take one down

And Your still no where to be found


Tell me,

Why did we wait

Seven bottles remain

And we only have pain

Now were left with six

And i know there's no easy fix

Something so broken

Is like being dead when your still alive

And now were left with five

Theres no going back to what we had before

So now we have four

How could you do this to me?

Because you did

Our bottles only number three

And now I ask

How will I forgive you

When were left with only two

Take one down

Pass it around

One bottle of beer on the wall

Theres only one

And now were done

Now all we have left

Is an empty shelf

And we can only blame ourselves