"Mother Nature hates us," the man claims. His words slip unnoticed into the noise of the student body. No one cares here. No one listens. Who would, what with the fancy new iPhones and shiny BMWs that they all have? That man must hate the Apple Company. "She is protesting, with the lack of snow this year. She hates what we are doing to her."

But no one listens. They may hear the words as they swish by, but not a single one of them stops to really take in his words. Futile as it is, to waste his breath on these foolish people, he never stopped. This day is much like those from the past, from all throughout the world. His first place was Washington, in an attempt to convince the government to stop pressuring the world. But none of them listened. They still have their ears and eyes shut.

When the corridor empties the man slumps down against a locker and let his head fall. And then the sound of worn-out shoes scuffling along the hallway comes, a late person or a skipper. The sounds stop suddenly and a bag clambering to the ground follows suit.

"They don't listen. They never have. They think that because it's always been this way, that the government allows it to happen, that it can't be bad for anyone."

The man does not look up or listen to see if his companion is male or female, old or young. He is just elated that someone listened to him for once. But why? Why would there only be one person on this planet who understood, only one that he would ever find? His voice is meagre and quiet as he inquires this to the new voice, as though questioning its presence would cause it to disappear as quickly as it came.

A pregnant pause filled the air as the voice contemplated its answer. With that silence, the man thought that his companion would leave rather than answer. And then the voice replied, quiet with a sort of pondering sense in his voice. "We have a great deal of power, endowed to us by the gods that created us. Everything that is alive or ever was has the same power. It is power enough to let each beast govern no other, and let nothing be any greater or lesser than the next. The creators wanted everything to be at piece, without a war to Earth's name."

"The humans were stupid then," the man replies.

"Aye, they were. They are. Humans manipulated their power so long ago, and now the balance is so… so warped that nothing can put it back. Every creature had that same ability, to take over the world. For a time, each of them did. And the gods punished each of them." The voice stopped for some time, enough to allow the man to think that the owner of the voice left him behind. "But now we have science; and everyone thinks that science will protect us from ourselves… even if we take science's advice in vain."

The man looked then, to see who this mysterious character was, suddenly curious. These thoughts couldn't have been any ordinary high school student.

When he looked up, his eyes swept everything around him, getting closer and closer to the origin of the voice. But when they made it to that place, no one was there. Just an empty man in an empty corridor of an empty school.